Saturday, 23 March 2013

It’s Snowing Robustly ….. In March !!!

039There was cause for much robust excitement yesterday morning when Darrell and Nigel got up and saw that it had been snowing during the night ……. snow hits midlands ….. as had been predicted by numerous weather forecasters (but not Derek Acorah … he doesn’t make predictions of a weather type nature ….. yet).
016The aforementioned snow put a whole new complexion on Darrell and Nigel’s preparations for getting to work ……
snow in March….. with wrapping up warm being order of the day.
March Snow WolverhamptonHowever, once out in the snow it soon became very apparent to them both that the snow wasn’t of the romantic Christmas type variety …..
Snow hits Midlands Wolverhampton…but was rather wet and slushy and not the sort to linger and frolic in …. so they hurried to the bus stop, desperate to get to work where, hopefully, the boiler would be stoked up and pumped to the max! WGHSWhen they finally got in they made a bee line for the coffee machine in the kitchen …..
033…damp of foot and cold of nose, seeking its warm chocolaty comforts ..
Shared Coffee…… to help warm up their cockles, before a hard days work, bless them!


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a nice Hot Chocolate when coming in from the cold. Luckily we've dodged the snow this time - I'll let you keep it sludge and all. Have a good weekend boys! JantheFan x

KraftyKaren said...

I hope it is gone in 3 weeks time - I am paying my first ever visit to Wolverhampton for a convention and I don't want to get frozen in the queue at the Civic LOL!!

Anonymous said...

How crazy is this? spring has already sprung by the calendar....guess old man winter is making a last ditch effort!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

A big steaming mug of hot chocolate always goes down well at any time, except at football matches where it has to be Bovril.

Anonymous said...

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