Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Un Regalo In Italia.

Yesterday, Rooney and Harvey the PE Department monkeys came bounding over to me, having just safely returned from their ski trip, full of tales of the piste and their Italian experience…..
Pasta From Italy…… and bearing gifts of a most romantic Italian and comestible type nature for Darrell, Nigel and I, to wit one very large jar of exotically coloured, proper and authenticated Italian pasta …..
the gift of pasta…. I was totally overwhelmed and touched that they had thought of me, and then my mind immediately raced to thoughts of a suitable Bolognese sauce to accompany their gift!  The boys said that their week had gone well,  but unfortunately there had been a broken wrist on the first day and a collision involving a head and a ski on another ….. but spirits had been high and the mood buoyant …… and they made sure that they had “Abbracciato l'esperienza per tutto ciò che valeva la pena”  (embraced the experience for all it was worth).
They also said that as soon as their pictures came back from Truprint I would be the first to see them, after they had removed the incrementing ones first!!!!!  ….. I can’t wait!!


Anonymous said...

Loving the look of that pasta! Can't wait to see that served up - and any pics you manage to grab and are able to share.
Hope everyone recovered well from the mishaps.
Stick to walking with good stout shoes and on good firm ground. That's what I say!
JantheFan x

marc said...

o you must look up some exciting things to go on your pasta sounds like they all had a exciting time big love marc

Mr.D said...

The pasta looks wonderful.

I had tacos and huitlacoche quesadilas yesterday - google huitlacoche to find out more about a fungus that causes "corn smut." Corn smut sounds rude but it goes down well!

“Abbracciato l'esperienza per tutto ciò che valeva la pena” (embraced the experience for all it was worth).
This is very similar to the spanish - Abrazó la experiencia por todo que valió la pena.

Dianne said...

Sounds like Rooney and Harvey had quite an Italian adventure! Wonderful pasta jar....lots of possibilities for yummy Italian dishes....Dianne