Monday, 4 March 2013

The Final Frontier …. Darrell and Nigel Do M & M’s World

As Darrell and Nigel had traversed London, Nigel couldn’t help noticing that an awful lot of people seemed to be carrying M & M’s carrier bags…..
M & M's World bags…… and after a while finding where these aforementioned people were getting their aforementioned carrier bags from became Nigel’s London raison d’etre!!
M & M's World.… And when he finally discovered that there was a M & M’s World store in Leicester Square he became totally obsessed and talked, thought, dreamt of nothing else  …… until Darrell agreed that on the very last day of their London Adventure they would go,  so long as Nigel put a lid on his overwhelmingly robust excitement “for just five minutes,  at least!”
M & M world LondonWhen they finally arrived at the Nigel’s nirvana  Darrell thought that Nigel might spontaneously combust …… however, the sight of over 100 shades of M & M’s had an almost hypnotic and soothing effect on Nigel, even thought his wide eyed gaze spooked Darrell out a bit !
M & M's shop LondonThere were tableaux and photo opportunities to be had in every corner of the store …….
M & M's world London.….. but if Nigel had posed at each and every one of them, as he had wanted,  they would almost certainly still be there now ………Bag of M & M's….. but they also had to avail themselves of a few M & M’s to take home,  as Darrell explained “It would have looked most rude to the very helpful assistants” had they not and Nigel added that he had heard somewhere that M & M’s had an unfortunate propensity for going stale once they were poured into the mahooosive dispensers, and therefore not to “scoop copiously” would have been criminal!
M & M dispensersThere was only one teeny, weeny, tiny criticism of the store ….. although there were far too many M & M’s to count …. both Darrell and Nigel were a little saddened to find that there was NOT one peanut butter M & M to be had in the building …..
….. and as peanut butter is our ultimate M & M variety of choice that was touch disappointing.  However …. Nigel has done a little research and has since discovered that there is an M & M’s World in Last Vegas …… so he has made it his new mission to go there and ask if they have any ….. what is he like????


Dianne said...

Aha!! The M & M stores are very popular here in the US is truly a nirvana for many...all those little colorful jewels sparkling in those clear tubes.....A Nigel sort of place for sure!!....Lovely your impeccable manners prevailed and you wouldn't ever want to be rude therefore you could try a nice variety.... happy fun adventure......hope you got a carrier bag!.....Dianne

marc said...

WHAT NO peanut butter MM what has the world come to, i will put them on my Rider list served on a gold plater along with my seven baby basset hounds and 3 easter bunnies all wearing gold bows and of coarse my london lounging silk cushions its not much to ask for is it big show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

m&m stores? What next? I would eat the whole XXL bag in one go.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm - I'm in Heaven! Not literally you understand - this is not a message from the other side. I am in heaven looking at all of those mmmmmmmmmmm. JantheFan x