Saturday, 30 March 2013

‘Twas The Day/Night Before Easter

Nigel really has been unable think of anything else other than the coming of the Easter Bunny …..
Holy Cross Easter Monday Fair…. and because of that he didn’t want to wander very far from home,  except to double check, for the umpteenth time that the Easter Monday Fair at the church across the road was still going ahead on Monday, weather permitting ….
The Night Before Easter…. and then all he wanted to do was go to bed straight after his tea,  even though it was only 6 o’clock ….. as he wanted the Easter Bunny to be rest assured that it was alright for him to hop on by as Nigel was now very fast asleep. I told Nigel the real story of Easter out of my head and then.......... 
Waiting for the Easter Bunny............ he made me check one more time that everything he had left out for the Easter Bunny was set out properly and would be found by the aforementioned Easter Bunny easily  …..
Presents for the Easter Bunny…… the mahooosive iceberg lettuce, Nigel’s Easter egg pail for his “hoped for” goodies and his letter …..
Lettuce for the Easter Bunny…… Yes, it was all there.  Night night Nigel …… sweet chocolaty dreams and don’t let the Easter bed bugs bite!


Anonymous said...

Lucky Easter bunny - all that lettuce - lucky Nigel - all that chocolate! Win Win all round. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Always best to be thoroughly prepared for special occasions...the iceberg lettuce is brilliant! Hope there will be visions of sugarplums dancing in your dreams (in keeping with the multi and consolidated holiday celebrations), dear Nigel....Easter bunny will soon be there.....Much love...Dianne

marc said...

at least he will get his chocs and eggs an hour early as the clocks go forward tonight at one big cant wait for the bunny man to come marc

Mr.D said...

The Easter mosquitoes bit me!
We went to a small village for a few days.