Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Gift From Derek Acorah

OMG, OMG, OMG ….. we have such wonderful news of import to impart today …….
Derek AcorahDarrell went to see if we had any post yesterday morning and found a “Please do not envelope” type envelope bearing all of our names …… and when we get an envelope like this we don’t need any spooky Derek Acorah type feelings to know that it will contain something very special ……. but just how special, and Derek Acorah linked we just could not have guessed …..
Signed Photo of Derek AcorahThe writing on it was very neat, but we didn’t recognise it,  so the only way to find out who it was from was to open it …….
Signed Photo from derek Acorah…… and what Darrell revealed when he opened it was tooooooooo wonderful …. ONLY A PHOTO OF DEREK ACORAH himself ……. OMG, OMG. OMG ….. to say that we all came over VERY unnecessary would be an understatement …. our much referred to, on occasions of a spooky type nature, hero, had actually sent us correspondence!
Best Wishes Derek Acorah….. and on the back, he had written in his very own handwriting,  sending “us” best wishes ….. the awe and wonder in our kitchen at that moment was both tangible and palpable …. and probably too unimaginable for you to imagine! 
010 013
Then .....  Darrell noticed that if you held the photo up at a certain angle you see several discernible fingerprints ….. and we all immediately wondered if they were a sign/message from Derek’s Spirit Guide Sam for us ……. when Tom the Scientist has a bit of a spare time away from arranging his forthcoming nuptials and forensic examinations we plan to ask him to analysis the aforementioned fingerprints for us under laboratory conditions to see what they may reveal.
We love derek AcorahIn the meantime, we have found a suitable frame for Derek’s picture and have put it in pride of place in our dining room …..
Picture of Derek Acorah…. for everyone to admire …. it will be quite a conversation piece if/when we take part in Come Dine With Me …..!!!


Anonymous said...

Well in a frame like that boys it will take pride of place of course. I can feel Sam whispering in his ear right now........I can picture it now - Derek will cock his head to the side and move his finger as he does and say.......tell me Sam - what about that hat that Darrell is wearing.......it what?......it's from where???.........say that again Sam......
How kind of Derek - I'm sure he will feel the need to visit this page very soon.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Truly a wondrous happening......you will have his picture looking right at you and not to mention, personally signed.....so impressive.....your fame is spreading far and wide!!....Dianne

marc said...

i can hear the table knocking and see the lights a flicker i fill that things might start flying when the spirts come to call big is there any one there ove marc

Mr.D said...

Derek must have "known" that you like to talk about him.
How wonderful.

Anonymous said...

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