Sunday, 17 March 2013

Making Something Special For Nigel

Yesterday while Nigel was resting, Darrell and I decided that after his heroic Red Nose Comic Relief type effort we should make him a little extra suprise for Easter .... to wit an Easter Egg Tree to add to his never-ending robust awe and wonder…..
Making an Easter Egg TreeNow …. let’s just say we are not the most adept or fastest of crafters, but for Nigel we were prepared to give it a go …..
Decopatch Easter Eggs….. even if each egg took us rather a long time to fashion using Decopatch papers and copious amounts of glue …..
Decorating Easter Eggs Eater Egg TreeDarrell said that it would have been quicker and easier for us have laid the “flipping” eggs ourselves .….. and I am afraid I had to agree with him.
006 The aforementioned eggs are now drying. We plan to decorate them a little more with a soupcon of ribbon and perhaps some other fussy stuff but only when we have fully recovered from our sticky toils and finally get the glue off our fingers. Then we will hang them on a festive spring tide branch in Nigel’s bedroom to greet him when he wakes on Easter Sunday …. Thank heavens to Betsy that we began this project with time to spare …’s fair worn us out!!!


Anonymous said...

You are both 'flipping' marvels! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Lovely thoughtful surprise for dear Nigel....not easy with all that frustrating sticky glue but so worth it to create such gorgeous colorful eggs....Nigel will be so happy with this Easter egg splendor.....Dianne

marc said...

its fab and he will love it dont forget to put some choc eggs on the tree to we dont want him upset they are not choc ones its going to look lovely big love marc

Mr.D said...

Looks great.
No Cadburys Creme Eggs over here, I'm sorry to say.