Sunday, 31 March 2013

A VERY Happy Easter Morn …..

When Nigel woke up this morning and saw what the Easter Bunny had left him it was truly an awesome awe and wonder moment to be beholden to …..
Easter Morning…. His little face was a picture ….. he didn’t say anything for ages …. he just looked and then blinked hard to make sure he was seeing right   …. and then had a little sniff or two ….
Easter awe and WonderIt was all very magical ….. Nigel got the chocolate bunny he had asked for and a surprise Easter Egg tree that was beyond his wildest dreams!
Easter Egg Tree.We all shared the moment with him …..
037……. the snow of the past week was all but a distant memory …… and Nigel,  no longer seasonally confused,  had finally felt safe enough to divest himself of his woolly hat ……
052……. and the promise of the breaking spring swelled in our hearts ….
Easter Eggs from USAWe also had another Eastertide surprise for Nigel, a package that we had kept well hidden,  which we strongly suspected had come all the way from romantic Florida from Christopher, Dianne and Doug …..
Easter Cards  …… Our spooky Derek Acorah feelings and suspicions were indeed correct, the parcel contained a lovely Easter card ……
044…… and a beautifully wrapped and be-ribboned present for each of us
047Reese peanut butter eggs
We let Nigel open his first ….. it only contained two mahoooosive Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs …….. OMG and nom, nom, nom …….
Reeses Peanut Butter Eggas….. Darrell’s and my parcel revealed the same ….. we were all totally and robustly overwhelmed as we ADORE Reese’s peanut butter confectionary comestibles almost as much as we adore Marmite, but as they are quite expensive they are a rare treat ….. and as we have never ever seen peanut butter eggs before it was almost too much joy for us to cope with.  THANK YOU sooooooo much Christopher, Dianne and Doug …. we can vouchsafe that these Easter dainties will not be gobbled up quickly …. but will be nibbled delicately and slowly and savoured in a most romantic type nature.
Easter Morning 2013…… And a salutary lesson learned,   Darrell and I will never, ever doubt Nigel’s unstinting faith in the Easter Bunny again … xxxxx HAPPY EASTER xxxxx


Anonymous said...

I am overwhelmed myself. What a lovely, heart warming blog - the kindness of folk and the Easter Bunny and magnificent Easter Egg tree. JantheFan x
p.s. I MUST try Reese's Peanut Butter Confectionary myself - what am I missing!

marc said...

it is fabtastic i love your tree and the gifts from across the seas well what can you say but what a fab friends you have take care boys and yummy in your tummy big love marc , o by the way Hugh got a massive show off egg its as big as him ,but he is not impressed he has to share it with rick and i big get in there first before it all goes love marc

tilly said...

What a heart-warming story for Easter morning........and your tree makes the magic come alive......don't make yourselves sick boys, a little chocolate at a time! lol

Anonymous said...

WOW! Peanut butter eggs! You guys are so lucky - I'm well jell! :-D x

Mr.D said...

Nigel "blinked hard to make sure he was seeing right …. and then had a little sniff or two …" A sniff or two of what? I know - the sniffles of joy due to Christopher, Dianne and Doug's wonderful gesture.

Dianne said...

So very happy the US Postal service and the Royal Mail helped deliver the chocolate eggs with our loving wishes for a special Easter day....the tree is so very beautiful and does create a most magical Easter treat...Love, Dianne