Friday, 15 March 2013

Red Nose Day–Nigel’s Marathon Bush Tucker Trail (But Indoors and In England & Without The Grubs & Stuff) …. 6.00am

At tea time Nigel was still champing at the bit for his Red Nose Day Marathon Bush Tucker Trail (but indoors and in England & without the grubs & stuff ….) and was beginning to gather momentum for an evening of comic televisual viewing and nomming ahead….
Red Nose Day 2013 Bush Tucker Trial Marathon.….. and decreed that it was time to bring on the “big guns” in the guise of a fulsome and steaming pan of mince and onions, but insisted beforehand that the mince content had been robustly checked, under the close scrutiny of Tom the Scientist’s laboratory, that it did not contain anyone’s or anything’s DNA!


Anonymous said...

Tasty, tasty very very tasty, it's very tasty - now where was that little ditty from? Some advert or other - anyway - enjoy Nigel wherever the DNA is from.
Eat Nigel Eat! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Can this be?? but I bet the smell was wonderful! Enjoy!!...Dianne

marc said...

we think the advert was for bran flakes which he has already had and having any more of those could be a mistake he is beefing up the chalenge lets hope its not horse meat big licks and tail wag hugs the london fan club girls

Mr.D said...

I assume it contained cow DNA. A bit of horse never did me any harm - including fermented mare's milk.