Sunday, 3 March 2013

Candid Snapshots, Destined for Darrell and Nigel’s London Adventure Photo Album ….

Camden Lock Underground StationA few candid snapshots today, (set at an on trend and de rigeuer jaunty London angle), of a some of Darrell and Nigel’s London touristy highlights ……
Camden Lock Bridge 2013….. from their visit to Camden Town …..
Monkey Camden Lock ….. famous for its Lock – of a water and barge type nature (as opposed to the padlocked type variety) …….
Oriental Food Camden Lock…….. it’s exotic food stalls ……..
Mexican Food Camden Lock….. of which they both availed themselves copiously with much nomming,  as it would have looked most rude to the locals not too …
Camden Lock Chandalier….. and its world famous market ….
Dragon Camden Town wall art….. and weird and wonderful shop facades ….
Camden shop frontsAll of which had Nigel and Darrell humming Roger Whitaker’s iconic song of London, and one of our particular favourites  ……
Darrell and Nigel do Camden….. feel free to hum along ……..“I've got to leave old Camden town,
I've got to leave old Camden town
Budget Hotel Camden Lock
I've got to leave old Camden town, and the leaving's gonna get me down”
Carnaby StreetDarrell was also most eager to visit Carnaby Street to see the latest trends ….. but confessed to being a little disappointed …. at it’s lack of atmospheric atmosphere …… and it’s lack of a Primark!
Darrell's new timberland beanie…. Although,  he did manage to find himself a hat,  a little like Hugh’s but completely different, to take a little London style back with him and set him apart (in his eyes) from everyyone else in Wolverhampton!
Liberty LondonThe nearby Liberty store however did not fail in providing a couple of typical “tourist” type photo opportunities.
Attention Soldiers outside liberty london…. But for Nigel …. nothing could beat the thrill of the sight of a robust and never ending line of red London buses
London Buses Akimbo…. and the general brouhaha of Bond Street
Nigel in LondonDarrell and Nigel’s time with Hugh and their London adventure was all too quickly drawing to an end,  but there was just one more place that Nigel had begged, and begged, beseeched  and begged and lay prostate and begged some more for Darrell to take him ………


Dianne said...

Just love these super London pictures...they take us right to London to share your adventures!! Can't wait to see what Nigel is so desperate about!! love the mystery of it....Dianne

Dianne said...

PS...Do LOVE the hat!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the journey - enjoying the song, loving Camden - place I've never been - until now that is. JantheFan x

marc said...

you sure did get out and about boys so proud you did it by public transport bug show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Great photos - you will have me whistling like Roger Whittaker, if only I could whistle.
I have heard of Major Road works and Corporal Punishment but not General Brouhaha.

Anonymous said...

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