Monday, 18 March 2013

Darrell Reveals His Spring/Summer “London Look”

Notting HillYou may recall that when Darrell and Nigel stayed with Hugh in Romantic Notting Hill recently, Darrell absorbed and studied “everything Hugh” as his de rigueur muse, so that when he returned home he could be sure to be well ahead of the others in sporting the latest “London Look”, but in Wolverhampton!
Timberland Beanie It was Hugh’s beanie look in particular that Darrell wanted to “encapsulate”.  The hat part of the aforementioned beanie had proved to be the easy part, as Darrell had fortuitously stumbled upon exactly what he wanted in a “posh” charity shop near Harrods while he had been in London …… making it proper authentic London Style
skull tie clip…. but, it was finding a convincing “faux” skull pin like Hugh’s that was proving to be a more difficult proposition, Hugh’s was the “real deal”  all diamonds and platinum …. which, unfortunately, is a little out of reach on Darrell’s Confidential Document Shredder type wages …..
skull pinHowever, after many hours of robust and diligent searching Darrell was finally able to procure a most credible version of his own, from e-bay that he said he could afford, but won’t tell us how much he paid ….. Pirate Pup…….. And now, for the first time, we can reveal “the look” that Darrell has finally put together and that he will be mostly be wearing this spring/summer …….……. Hugh confided in Darrell that his sources in the “Fash Ind” (fashion industry to us lesser mortals) had told him that pirates and/or puppies would be mahoooooosive in coming months….. so with this information at hand Darrell has ingeniously managed to marry the two forthcoming trends with his “Pirate Pup” t-shirt (from F & F @ Tesco)
On Trend Knitted waistcoat…. and because you shouldn’t “cast a clout till May is out” Darrell has, as precautionary measure,  tied the whole look together with a matching waistcoat, from his pre-existing wardrobe, to help keep the spring chills at bay ….. he is sooooooooo London!!! And ….. Vicky B needs to up her game with Darrell is about!!!


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope Premier Model Management take a perusal at this blog today. There is a definite gap in the market for the perfect model who wears Pirates and Pups on the catwalk to perfection. Get you Darrell. JantehFan x

Anonymous said...

Good for you Darrell! Very successful pairing of fashion elements for a true London look.....brilliant in every way....Dianne

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic look Darrell - you are so on trend! x

marc said...

My Darling Boy you have hit the trend running and taken it to a new hight i love it it all and one would never no it was no a budget wallet when one gazed at you and i could see you in any Mayfair club with a up and comming starlett on your arm Big show biz wave Hugh Darrel we love your wearing pirate pups and have taken to wearing eye patchs just for you big licks and puppytail waves your london fan club girls

Mr.D said...

Hugh's is a grey skull, just the right colour for the chateau.