Sunday, 10 March 2013

Nigel Goes To A Wolves Match

Tom the Scientist was home yesterday for the football and had a spare ticket …..  Darrell was desperate to go but unfortunately had a very pressing engagement with his hairdresser and I had already arranged to go shopping with Auntie Jan, so that just left Nigel …. who sat gazing longingly up at Tom with his best puppy dog eyes from the bottom step of the stairs … waiting to see if he would be next in line to be asked …..
waiting on the stairsWe then realised that Nigel had never actually been to a Wolves match before ….. so the die was caste  ……. Nigel would go to the “ball” …. on the proviso that his behaviour was beyond exemplary and that he was to hold on to the bottom of Tom’s jacket at all times, especially when going through the turnstiles ….. oh ….  and he was not pester Tom for a beefburger or hotdog!!
Steve Bull StandNigel’s excitement was both tangible and palpable, and Tom was a little worried that he might spontaneously combust, but, bless him, Nigel managed to keep a tight rein on his emotions even when walking past a burger van ….. however, Tom on seeing Nigel putting his aforementioned beyond exemplary behaviour into action decided that Nigel deserved a burger ….. with (at Nigel’s “polite” request) extra bacon, extra extra onions, a slice of rubber cheese  plus mustard, mayo and ketchup on top,  as it was all part of embracing  the Wolves pre-match experience, and especially as it was Nigel’s first time. Tom hoped that in time it would become one of Nigel’s most treasured memories, even if Wolves are having a bit of a anus horribilis at the moment!!
020Once inside Nigel was overcome by the awe and wonder of the occasion …. the bright lights, being part of a huge crowd, singing “Hi Ho Wolverrrrhamton” …….
Wolves Mascots Wolfie and Wendy….. willing Wolfie and Wendy to come over to him and pat his head and shake his hand …….
029….. and the deliciousness of a cup of stewed tea proffered by the person in front from their flask and a hot cross bun at half timeWolves Match Watford at Home….. even though the match ended in a draw Nigel was totally entranced. He came back with a very croaky voice, desperate to be a mascot coming out of the tunnel with the team at his next match (??) and vowing to save all his pocket money to buy an Early Bird season ticket and a replica kit ….. what is he like?


Anonymous said...

Nigel does get about these days! That Hot Dog sounded good - worth going to a match for that alone - doesn't matter about what's going on on the pitch!
JantheFan x

tilly said...

I got almost as excited as Nigel when he was allowed to go, and when it came to 'extra..extra onions'..... well I was so overcome I nearly swooned!!

Dianne said...

A Most Important Day for Nigel......almost too much excitement to bear! His happiness is a joy to see; this was a day to relive over and over.... Those puppy dog eyes are truly irresistible.....Dianne

marc said...

its all a bit rough and smelly arm pits waving for me i will stick to polo and horse jumping and may be some champs from a ice bucket and a few bilinys big show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

I thought TTS may want to see spontaneous combustion, in case it comes up in court.
I hear horseburgers are very popular in England.
Wolves need to pick up some points - so do we.