Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Fine Bromance –Pillow Talk

What better way to spend Sunday morning than with your best friend, in London,  discussing cushion covers …… Darrell told me when he got back that he was in Seventh Heaven!
Picture8“Darrell, in London one simply cannot have enough cushions for zee London Lounging ….. c’est de rigeuer, de rigeuer.  Simon, he is always calling me up ….. Hugh, he says,  what shall I buy for my new settee in my LA pad …. I tell him,  Simon darling, buy zem all, there is nooooooooo  such thing as too many … ample c’est ne pas sufficient!”
Picture9“At zee moment I am loving and devouring zee sequins and zee deep, succulent velvets, in zee wines and zee charcoals! Have zee sequins reached Wolverhampton yet mon ami?”
Picture10At that,  Darrell said he felt his heart miss a beat ….. because chez Castle Greysquirrel we have had sequined cushions for our lounging, there of,  for several months now ……
Picture11…….. sooooooo far ahead of the trend, it was untrue. All his worries about not being de rigeuer were so unfounded, Darrell was de rigeuer and all his visits to see Hugh were certainly paying off.And then Hugh moved on to voiles, ““Darrell, ma petit lapin …. voile, c’est manifique, it hides a multitude of sins of zee domestic type nature as well as evoking zee air of mystery and intrigue in ones abode”
Picture12….  Darrell confessed that in Wolverhampton they were still called net curtains ….. but we don’t actually have any at Castle Greysquirrell …….. YET!!!
Picture13However, I have a spooky idea that we will soon be knee deep in them!Needless to say there were tears at the end of this very whistle stop visit, but I have a feeling Darrell will be disappearing again to see Hugh very, very soon, if he has his way and as long as he can get cheap tickets on Virgin trains!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Darrell has a calling to be an interior designer for the rich and fabulous darling - Kelly Hoppen watch your back! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Darrell's brain is positively going to be whirling away with voile and sequins, velvet, and all sorts of lush fabrics! I see more new additions for Castle Greysquirrel as Darrell's decorating talents go into high gear......London Lounging is fascinating! .....Dianne

marc said...

I knitted the poppy myself in between takes its so massivo this home making malarkey i was only saying to Madge the other day while we were waiting for the runners to get our dressing rooms up to scratch that i was putting a few home making items on my riders list i think i new felt making machine and may be a cameo and i know Madge would love a spinning wheel and a live sheep dyed red so she could just hook it up to the spinning wheel and make those lovely little red friendship bracelets that she is always harking on about and giving to close friends her self ,she was saying it would be so home crafted and she would know were the wool came from she told me in a of stage whisper that our old old old old friend cher often asked for several dyed ostriches and a peacock or two on her list so she always had a fresh feather to hand she always wants to look her best, its been so Divin having Darrell come to stay his storys of LV are so different to what i see when i am out there mind you its often just the airport and hotel room show and home again one day i will take the time to leave my hotel room and mingle a bit as darrell was staying and we still had access to the production staff and credit cards from our last job we let Darrell have his own rider list bless him it was very small,so just while he was here he wanted a hot bubbley baths drawn for him twice a day by ME Bath using the Eight continent range , a large bottle of Clive Christians NO1 for Men so he would smell nice, two Bassett hounds puppies so he could promenaded around the serpentine on Sunday morning with me and my 3 and not look like a tourist but a Kensington local out walking his dogs before he pops in to a little French knightbridge cafe for a double espresso and cognac to read the Sunday papers and to help kick start his day a crate of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru Cote deNuits france to sip in the bath and 5 boxs of Le chocolate BOx patc Swarovski studded chocs those he said were for him and boys and girls back home as they would just love to have just a small taste of london lounging I must say Darrell is such a humble modest chap he did not go over the top and start asking for ridiculous things like those custard cream and nice biscuits that are so hard to find one has never seen them in Harrods food hall the poor runner would be tearing his hair out trying to find such strange things Darrell did mention some one called morrisons who can get his hands on such things and can even get something called spam that he says is quite divine i my self have never heard of Spam tempura but he assures me its very tasty with tom sauce he did ask me out of the blue the other night if there was any were in london one could find a faggot i was just about to mention a small bar up the road when he informed me he and monkey often shared a couple of faggots which they ate with creamy mash and mint peas i myself did not know what he was talking about Darrell then told me what it was i must say it did not sound to inviting to me a bit to rustic for my taste buds as was his description of a clanger pudding i did not know there was such a thing a clanger to moi is when one makes mistake i had to smile to myself as i could have made a big clanger when he asked me about faggots the English language can be so confusing some times Big show biz wave Hugh

Pamela said...

Way to go Darrell - ahead of trend!

Mr.D said...

Coloured net curtains, as far as I knew. Thanks for enlightening me.
Hugh - nothing wrong with faggots.
i thought The Clangers are soup from the Soup Dragon.

Mr.D said...

My comment should say "I thought The Clangers ate soup from the Soup Dragon."