Saturday, 26 October 2013

I Can Only Blame Myself ……

I can only blame myself, I suppose.  I got in from shopping yesterday and lay Nigel’s pumpkin outfit out on the bed to admire and then ….  the phone went …. it was Hugh,  our friend who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill and when he calls he is on the phone for hours …. Hugh, believe me can talk for England (and Wales and Scotland!!)
small frys pumpkin outfitBut, while I was on the phone, Nigel popped into my room for a clean hankie ….
finding treasure….. and had inadvertently noticed the said pumpkin outfit ….. I know he wouldn’t have done it on purpose because Nigel is not a poker of presents or things of a personal type nature.
Halloween SurpriseSo when he realised that he may have stumbled upon something that perhaps he shouldn’t have, poor Nigel worked himself up to an absolute state of flux ….
Look of guiltHowever, he decided that honesty was the best policy and that he should fezz up to his aforementioned inadvertent discovery.
confession timeThe poor little fella was shaking as he told me ….. but it was my fault (and Hugh’s)…. I should have put it away …… and so, as far as I was concerned, there was nothing for Nigel to confess.
Confession overOn discovering that the outfit was for him ….. Nigel, now trying his luck, asked if he could “just” try it on “for size”, how could I refuse such a plaintive and innocent face …..
Build a bear small frys halloween pumpkin outfit….. and I have to admit, that he did look very, very cute …….
Build a bear. smallfrys. pumpkin outfit.So when he further suggested that perhaps a pumpkin outfit should not just be for Halloween night …… and that perhaps he could just wear it for a few days before ….. perhaps to advertise the Trick or Treat goodies in the kitchen with The Cook Lady’s permission ……… what could I say??   Stitched up again!!!  What is he like???????


Anonymous said...

Nigel has much to be proud of with his understanding that honesty is the best policy; but of course we knew he would......would be ashamed to only use that fantastic pumpkin outfit for just one day on Halloween! cutest pumpkin ever!.....Dianne

Pamela said...

See Nigel - honesty does pay!

Mr.D said...

Looking good, Nigel.
"Fezz up." I thought he was going to wear a special Turkish hat.

Mr.D said...

I am back after a lovely stay on a posh estate near Amecameca, Mexico.
Many thanks for the good wishes and kind words from those who posted to me.

marc said...

Nice to see you back mr d very nice indeed big love marc

Melanie Marshall said...

Oh MY! This story seems so very familiar.. probably to every parent! Leaving things out on the bed.. when will we learn?

I must say, that's the best pumpkin I've ever seen! What a cute set of boys - Happy Halloween and may you all have a lovely time up with Hugh.. xx