Friday, 11 October 2013

One Minute We’re …….

In Last Vegas we were soooooo hot ….. all of the time, our brows (and armpits) were always ermm…. moist …. and the sky was ALWAYS blue with not a cloud in sight …..
Wolverhampton. rain….. back home, in glorious Wolverhampton ……… the rain has lost it’s romantic allure for us,  as we all seem to have is a brollie permanently attached to our wrist, just in case ………..
Wolverhampton Rain……and Nigel, of all people,  has said that he wants to be sewn into his winter vest … already!!!  What is he like???  Is there such a thing as climatical lag Mr D?


Mr.D said...

I think you are the living proof of many lags.
Jet lag.
Climatic lag.
Pipe lag.
Old lag.
Lagging behind.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Nigel on the vest thing - I'm so cold already - my hot water bottles have never been so hot! JantheFan x

Pamela said...

Looks like you're getting enough bad weather for the whole country! It's not a vest you need Nigel - waterproof clothing.

Anonymous said...

Too often it's either too hot or too cold...we can't seem to win when it comes to weather!! Luckily we are doing well weather wise.... 60's evening & morning to mid 80's, sunny and lots of blue skies....dear me, Nigel looks like he means business about wearing his warm snugglies....not to worry, the sun will soon be shining and the autumn days will be glorious (bound to)!.....Dianne