Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Very Special Letter … From Emily

Yesterday when we got home from work Darrell found a letter and half a dozen eggs waiting on the door mat ……. the eggs are an entirely different story, but nevertheless they were there!
Anyway, the aforementioned letter was addressed to Darrell and Nigel and beautifully decorated by, obviously, the hand of a most excellent artistic person.
But,  not recognising the handwriting, Darrell rushed into the kitchen to show Nigel to find out who it was from ….
It was both exciting and robustly mysterious at the same time.
The letter was from Emily, one of our most mahooooooosive “fans”, after Jan The Fan (of course)  and inside Emily had put a letter for Nigel saying lots of love and kisses, which made him go very pink, saying that she didn’t want him to EVER change, she loved him just the way he was, ….. she didn’t like him to keep changing his mind about he wants to be.
Darrell’s letter was from Emily’s monkey Bob, who is just the same as us and with a penchant for shopping and Christmas and most excellent handwriting ….. so we strongly suspect that Emily may have helped him a bit.
Emily also put in some photos of her and Bob.  Emily is very, very pretty and Bob is,  as we said,  just like us ….. very, very good looking!!!!!
Darrell and Nigel were very moved and emotional, the letters had come out of the blue and very lovely and they both knew how much time and effort Emily had put into them.  Let’s just say there were a few manly sniffs at the kitchen table. 
Naturally Darrell and Nigel replied immediately, soooooooooooooooo …LOOK IN THE POST EMILY ….. there is a little something for you on it’s way ….. something of a framed photographic type nature …..!!!!! 
…… And no Emily,  …… Nigel may be a robust dreamer, but his heart will never, ever change!!!


Mr.D said...

What a lovely letter from Emily.
Bob did a great job too.
Nigel has some great friends and great fans.

Anonymous said...

What could be more fun than a mysterious letter from an admirer? How great to meet new friends Bob and Emily and what a treat to find Bob enjoys many of the same things you do. A wonderful surprise all round that made your day special! Nigel is so very loved by his fans far and wide!......Dianne

Anonymous said...

How kind of Emily - just one of the many fans who follow the life and times of M,D & N - who delight so many people all over the whole wide world - and eggs too - what more could you want? JantheFan x

marc said...

its all ways great to get lovely mail and you know its going to be special just by the envelope did the Easter bunny come late or early to leave you eggs big love marc

Pamela said...

Yet another fan - and she sounds so sweet!