Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lucy Says We Are Lightweights Compared to Sir Simon Cowell!

Lucy came into our room early this morning and unceremoniously pulled the duvet off us saying “You lot are total lightweights when it comes to international jet setting! Do you see Sir Simon Cowell carry on like you three? ……… No you don’t!” ….. and then ….. didn’t we realise that if we looked downstairs we’d find that we’d got a new kitchen?
jet lag.We did feel very ashamed  as we struggled to hoist the aforementioned duvet back onto the bed  …… and said that perhaps we might be up to looking tomorrow” ……………..
jet lag..……At that Lucy flounced out of the room muttering something like “Zut alors, mon Dieu et mon rive gauche!” under her breath …. obviously all those hours spent in The Paris Hotel were not wasted!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh boys you do make me chuckle! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Slowly but surely normal is just around the corner.......don't know how Simon C. does it......does he have some sort of private boudoir in the plane where he sleeps ,with an eye mask of course, as he jets across the Atlantic? Lucy is obviously still enjoying those Paris moments a la Vegas.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I'm sure Lucy was up and out the next day, back at work in no time.
Jet lag? Deal with it.
In Nigel's case, maybe it was just the amount of food he packed in his mouth during the flight.

Pamela said...

Monkey's body clocks are obviously different to humans! I'm surprised Nigel hasn't wanted feeding though!