Wednesday, 16 October 2013

No More De Rigueur Darrell

One weekend London does not a designer make!!!
This is what Darrell is “planning” to use  ……….. as a feature wall in the lounge chez Castle Greysquirrel …..
….. and I use the word “planning” in it’s very, very loosest sense!
Famed as we are for our world famous confectionary reviews and fond as I am of fizzy fish, fried eggs, and wiggly worms,  there is no way, on God’s green earth that I want to live with them on my aforementioned lounge wall,  …..
……. you and Hugh can flick swashes and de rigueur all you like,  because Darrell …… it just aint going to happen!!


Mr.D said...

How long would it be before all the jars are empty and the wall doesn't look the same?

Anonymous said...

It is colourful but not really main living area decoration...would it be possible to find an out of the way area for a small shelf with pretty glass jars of the confectionary favourites? Darrell apparently will be having many creative ideas that need a cooler head to sort through and Castle Greysquirrel's good taste to prevail......but Darrell's ideas are ahead of the curve!.....Dianne

marc said...

Darrell darling i am loving were your going with this i would say run with it sweetie but i would point you in another direction with it run to the kitchen or breakfast area and do it there and dont be half hearted go grandula with it poppet and do it floor to ceiling pack those jars in tight and block those colours keep like to like and not only will you have a triumphant innervated bit of home decor but a real pop art statement piece to
love love love it big wave of arms and self important hugs Hugh