Sunday, 20 October 2013

Nigel Gets The Wrong End Of The Stick

Poor Nigel he does get confused ….
Picture1….. yesterday, on his way to work he saw a sign saying “Free Radio”,  now as Nigel is very found of The Archers and Just A Minute the thought of having his own radio, in his bedroom was very appealing ….
Picture2…and as such,  he followed the signs with the intention of claiming his “free radio” …… 
Picture3…… the offices looked very imposing, but the thought of having Eddie Grundy and Nicholas Parsons all to himself, in his bedroom, spurred him on …..
Picture4….. only for him to return five minutes later looking not a  little sheepish and crestfallen  ….. sadly and with regret there were no free radios being given out, the signs were actually pointing to the local radio station – Free Radio  …… “A robustly misleading name if you ask me” sighed Nigel “Surely I can’t be the only one to have been mislead?” 
Picture5The lady on the desk was however very apologetic and offered to play Nigel a request to make up for his disappointment …. he asked for “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke which is his particular favourite at the moment,  for everyone who was listening who knew him ….. and a very apt choice considering the circumstances ……!!!


Mr.D said...

Blurred lines and wires crossed for poor Nigel.
Just was well he didn't see a road sign "Heavy plant crossing."

Mr.D said...

I am going to be in the country for five days with no WiFi. I look forward to catching up with your adventures.

Pamela said...

Perfectly understandable that he should think the sign meant what it said. All the had to do was add the word 'Station' or 'Offices' and the misunderstanding would never have happened.
Mr D have a good 5 days.

Anonymous said...

A boy after my own heart - The Archers and Just a Minute - I think Nigel needs a free radio on his Santa List. JantheFan x
p.s. hope Eddie Grundy's father gets better soon - I've been getting a bit worried - poor old Bartleby will be missing him.

Anonymous said...

Bummer! Sooo deflating when your bubble question it was a misleading sign that enticed Nigel to follow his radio dream......hope having his request played offered some much needed comfort to dear Nigel.......Dianne......Take care and hurry back, Mr D

marc said...

i would have thought the same its a outrage they should change their name Mr d you have fun see you soon big love marc