Sunday, 6 October 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

How do you like your eggs in the morningThis morning Darrell felt sufficiently “up” and “normal” to go downstairs and get a brew on and then he brought it back up to bed for us …..
Morning hugsWe confess to snuggling down again …. while we listened to the omnibus edition of the Archers ….. but tomorrow we will be back on track  ….. ready to robustly pick up where we left off all those weeks ago ….. Wolverhampton, life, work and all confectionery products of a new type nature had better look out …… THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!!


Mr.D said...

I imagine school term started weeks ago. Either cook has had to do without Nigel's condiment counting expertise, or this hasn't been going out "live."
Which is it? The world needs to know.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than snuggling up with a brew on a Sunday morning listening to The Archers. Oh my and you have missed all the goings on in The Grey Gables Hotel with the Mexican night and the loose carpet - Poor Old Joe! JantheFan x

Pamela said...

You're all looking much better boys! Cant wait to hear all your daily goings on again.

marc said...

Mr d you should know monkey time is different to real time so its real time in monkey time if you know what i mean lol welcome back boys big love ma

Anonymous said...

Was there ever any doubt you would be back in full glory? Your zest for enjoying the day and life's fascinating moments makes the day for all of your dedicated fans......Dianne

Mr.D said...

Monkey time explains it all. No mystery there then.
Thanks for the explanation.