Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Halloween Confectionary Review–Rowntree Randoms – Phantom Mix

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without one of our legendary confectionary reviews ….
Rowntree. Randoms scary special…. however, with so much Halloween confectionary in our local Tesco Express, making a considered purchase amongst all this seasonal abundance wasn’t an easy task, resulting in much robust debate at Castle Greysquirell, which at times became quite heated …. and went on well into the night.
Halloween Randoms.But in the end we settled for a bag of Rowntree’s Randoms – Special Scary Edition Phantom Mix …..
Rowntree Halloween RandomsThey did not disappoint!  We all agreed that 9 noms would be a most acceptable score  on our limited edition Halloween Richter scale of noms …..
Randoms Halloween RowntreeDarrell and Nigel were both particularly partial to the white milk flavoured white ghosts, so much so, that in the end I had to separate them from the rest and divide them equally between the two of them, thus alleviating any unseemly seasonal squabbling!
010After that, we took it in turns to work our way through the dish, exchanging manly Halloween banter, wondering what affect, if any,  consuming “phantom” bats, webs, spiders and pumpkins would do to our insides ….. would there be spooky rumblings?
Last Halloween Random.Halloween Randoms Rowntree..
We let Nigel have the very last spider ……. which he said had “wriggled and jiggled and tickled” inside of him as it went down ……
Halloween Randoms….. for Nigel,  a poignant and spookily apt quote for such an occasion, what is he like?  Happy Halloween Days!


Anonymous said...

Looks like an excellent choice....Wow, 9 noms! but to be truthful, not sure I want to feel my confectionary wriggling and jiggling as it goes down...still, it does look Halloween yummy!.....Dianne....

Mr.D said...

Scary scoff.
I liked the milk bottles - milk flavoured sweets when I was a kid. I wonder if you can still get them.