Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Halloween Surprise For All Of Us From Our Friend Dianne in Florida

Oh my gosh, we got home from work yesterday, slipped into our Halloween outfits and then found an unexpected and most mahoooosive envelope that Lucy must have left on the kitchen table for us to find ….. it had a romantic American postmark on it, and we immediately guessed that it was something very special from our lovely friends in sunny Florida, Dianne and Doug.
Halloween presentsInside it was packed with the most wonderful Halloween objets d’arts….
Halloween cards from USA……. and a special Halloween card and wish for each of us. Needless to say we were all overwhelmed and several manly tears were discretely wiped away.  We are so very lucky to have such lovely friends from all over the world, especially Dianne and Doug.
Halloween Cards. From USAI duly put our cards on the shelf so that we could admire them as we are having our breakfast and evening repasts, they looked most splendid.
Halloween Table CentrepieceThen we looked at all the other wondrous themed things Dianne and Doug had sent ….. oh my …..  there was a table centre piece that will definitely be in at the centre of our seasonal table every day until Halloween is nigh, and Nigel will be in big trouble if he dares get tomato sauce anywhere near it!
Halloween gifts of great wonderThere were also some lovely stickers ….. much to aforementionably lovely to stick on things …..
Halloween Frankinstien mask….. except perhaps this one which Darrell decided to stick on Nigel’s face!
Thank you Dianne in USADarrell then, with the skills not akin to a  Selfridges window dresser, arranged all the bits around our cards to create a most wonderful celebratory Halloween display …..
Halloween 2013…… with Nigel declaring that he had a feeling in his water that this was going to be his favouritist Halloween ever, ever, ever!
xxxx Thank you Dianne and Doug for thinking about us all those millions of miles away in Florida  we love you! xxxx


Mr.D said...

Well done Dianne and Doug.
What wonderful presents - and perfect timing too.

Anonymous said...

What kind friends you have boys! JantheFan x

marc said...

Dianne and Doug you are so kind the boys love their bits so do i you are really good peps big love marc

Anonymous said...

Whew, so glad it got there in time! But the US mail was a little slower this time so I'm sorry it didn't get there sooner...........We love sending along a few little things to let you know we are thinking about all of you and how much we appreciate having you share all your goings on with us.....dearly love every single post......... you all are just the best and we wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween hoping you have a great fun celebration!....Love to all, Dianne PS No one at Selfridges could do better than Darrell (master display maker and master of all that is fashionable)