Monday, 21 October 2013

Nigel’s Day Finally Comes ……

Nigel’s dream,  ever since all the building work began at work has been very simply to share a cup of builders tea and perhaps a hob nob or two in the builder’s hut, to share ribald tales and the manly banter of a builder’s's type nature …… and yesterday, the reason why that invitation had been so elusive was revealed.
On leaving Darrell’s and my orifice in the demountables, on the far side of the school, Nigel spied what he thought was a catering van, in the distance, across the car park ….. OH MON DIEU….
To say that he was in a state of absolute flux when he rushed back to our orifice to borrow our binoculars was an understatement …….
OMD, OMD, OMD …… it WAS a catering van …… the site catering van ….. which used to be on the site next door ….. which is why it had been so aforementionably elusive …… but now, it had been moved on to our site!!!!  OMD!
With that discovery Nigel was gone ……. across our car park, through the railings and into the hallowed builders area to the van, his little heart pounding so hard, he could hardly hear himself think.
He looked at the menu, as an art lover would look at the Mona Lisa ….. this is what builders really eat …. Nigel was in heaven ….
Picture42In away there was too much choice ….. Picture43…… but in the end, there was only one manly choice for Nigel, a doorstep bacon butty and a pint of steaming tea ……
…. with his order was duly placed, Nigel suddenly had a funny feeling, what if all this was really a dream and at any second he would wake up?
Nigel placed his money on the counter ready and exchanged a little builders banter with the gentleman who ran van, with whom Nigel hoped, after a few visits,  he would soon become on first name terms.
The smell of cooking bacon filled the air and Nigel felt that this was one of those moments in his life that he would never, ever forget, the day he became a man!
And in a few minutes his butty and tea were ready and which he carried with a very important builders gait back across the builders site, through the railings and across our car park to our orifice.
The bread was indeed truly cut into fulsome doorsteps……
….. and no words can never describe that first bite, the bite Nigel had waited so long to take …… and for once nom seemed such a tiny and insignificant word!
And Nigel’s tea with six sugars because he thought that’s what builders usually asked for ? …… Well it was really quite weak and the spoon certainly did not stand up in it …….
But it still tasted like nectar!  Nigel, what is he like?????


Anonymous said...

A perfect dream come true day Nigel will remember always....and I know his devoted fans will too......pure happiness for us after seeing the happiness reflected on his face! I know every bite was savored......what a spectacular happy day!.....Dianne

Melanie Marshall said...

Oh Nigel - you are the rainbow to my every day! Such a cute face and seeing you with that mahooooosive sandwich - well, I don't know where you put it all! Bless you and your adventures x

marc said...

ITS just like the song o what a perfect day and bob the builder all rolled in to one and what a selection of fabtastic food the white van man had Caribbean delights English fair curried goat (ricks fav) i bet he had rice and peas and dumplings and ginger cake may be he would do condensed milk sandwiches and have a nip of rum on them cold mornings you best make good friends with this white van man big hungry love marc

Mr.D said...

What a great day for young Nigel, with a huge bacon sandwich that has got my mouth watering.
Hopefully he will meet some of the builders there, if he times his visit correctly. I suspect little work will get done when the van is there and Nigel will be on the lookout with the binoculars.
Hopefully he won't get an eyeful of a magnified builder's bum through the lenses.