Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Cook Lady’s Trick Or Treat Comestibles …..

001paper pumpkin Halloween is very much to the fore in the school kitchen this week …..
Halloween Trick or Treats Litchen 2013…… and Nigel has been most anxious to show us all the festively gruesome  comestibles that are currently available for considered purchase!
Gordon Ramsey Kitchen NightmaresI have an especially spooky, Derek Acorah type feeling, that Cook Lady  may be paying Nigel commission on every cupcake he can sell via his powerful gift of persuasion and/or coercion  ……
Halloween CupcakesI also strongly suspect that the commission Cook Lady is paying Nigel is in seasonal cupcakes, judging by Nigel’s expanding girth and the buttercream he seems to always have around his mouth at the moment!!!
Halloween Cupcake.What is he like???? If not very partial to his food!!!


Anonymous said...

Nigel has already sold me a tray of those delicious cupcakes - just the glazed look of his eyes as he ponders over the tray is enough for me - put sold on them now! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Nigel has a great thing going there! Who could resist Nigel and his delectable Halloween treats?..... not to mention that face and his endless charm! Nigel is going to be raking in commissions by he bucket full! the decorations

Mr.D said...

Maybe Nigel gets commission plus gets to finish the bowl of buttercream when all the cakes have been made.
Great job for someone with all of Nigel's charm.