Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Petty Thief In Our Midst ….

Back to work..Back to work
Both Darrell and Nigel were very keen, if a little nervous to return to work after our extended leave to facilitate our holiday of a lifetime holiday to Last Vegas.
Nigel was also most anxious to see what progress had been made on the new building  …… and to show his favourite builder, (the Irish one with glasses and very jolly demeanour), if he was around,  his new rufty tufty work shirt that he had purchased in a builders merchants on the outskirts of Last Vegas and to give him the “Builders Bar” he had also bought in Vegas, hoping against hope that it would all lead to an invitation for builders tea and hob nobs in the worker hut.
one callBut sadly it was not to be, Nigel’s favourite aforementioned builder wasn’t there …. although his truck was!
workmen BSFHowever, as Nigel was mooching around, he happened to notice an unattended canister of builders fence fastenings ……
thieving on site…… and I am afraid he just couldn’t help himself …… and as such helped himself to two of them ……. there was no rhyme or reason to his petty pilfering ….. he just wanted something of a builders nature to take home and put in his treasure box …..
caught in the actI have warned him that there are security cameras everywhere, however I also pointed out that it was indeed most fortuitous that, as he is so small and he wasn’t wearing his high viz vest they probably wouldn’t have picked him up as thank goodness. I doubt very much if two plastic tags will missed, but I don’t think I should encourage any more of this sort of thing …. it could lead to bigger things ……. like a digger or a crane or a cement mixer!!!!!  Oh mon dieu! 


Mr.D said...

Best keep an eye on Nigel and make sure his treasure box doesn't become a treasure trunk or treasure trove or treasure room.

marc said...

lol Rick would have had the lot he cant resist a cable tie he has draws full of them in all sizes and colours in fact i think his dads house is held together with them lol and its a boy thing big love marc

Anonymous said...

Love, love that new shirt.....I'm sure when Nigel presents the Irish builder with the thoughtful gift of the Builder's Bar he can offer an explanation about his desire for two fence fasteners and offer to pay for them from his pocket money.......certainly don't want dear Nigel wrestling with bad dreams because of a guilty conscience.....perhaps after seeing Nigel's interest in all things of the building sort, the jolly builder will offer him assorted treasures for his box!.....Dianne