Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The PE Lady’s Mum’s Poppies

The PE Lady’s Mum has been robustly busy knitting poppies once more for the British Legion and Remembrance Sunday.
Picture32Needless to say, we were at the front of the queue to make our considered purchase, putting our money safe in an envelope so that the PE Lady’s Mum would know we had got ours, as she would worry if we hadn’t and start knitting again!  We think we must have one each from every year she has been knitting them …. so we must almost have a veritable bouquet of them!
Picture33Thank you PE Lady’s Mum, because of you we always have our poppies to wear with pride.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the PE lady's Mum and her beautifully made poppies.....must never forget the poppy fields and their meaning.... important to wear them with gratitude and to honour the sacrifice of so many.....dear Nigel's face says it all......Dianne

marc said...

those are so lovely and look good on hats and scarf's so best get a few how lovely would they look on black knitted gloves or made it to a collar on a black/red knitted jumper you can wear them all winter PE Ladies Mum Rocks I Want one of those ones i need glitter a few and i think i will dip some in UTEE as well i give them to my friend who sells poppies at the hospital she gets extra for the decorated ones every penny helps

Mr.D said...

Well done PE Lady's Mum!
A wonderful effort.
Much better than a paper one.