Monday, 7 October 2013

Pattingham Scarecrow Festival

205Yesterday morning, after listening to the Omnibus edition of the Archers Darrell and I felt that we ought to fill our lungs with clean, fresh air …… and how fortuitous and exciting it was that there was a Scarecrow Festival going Pattingham, a “posh” village just down the road from us …..
Pattingham Scarecrow festival tCopy of Pattingham Scarecrow Festival
…… well,  it would have been rude not to go along and have a mooch, wouldn’t it?
Pattingham Scarecrow Pattingham Scarecrow Festival f
Oh Mon Dieu,  it was so robustly fabulous, and soooooooo not Last Vegas, we felt very typically Englishified  and knew that we were well and truly back at home!
Pattingham Scarecrow festival e…… we paid £2 each to follow the red trail round to see over a hundred scarecrows in peoples gardens, shop windows …….
Pattingham Scarecrow Festival qPattingham Scarecrow Festival r
….. in the pub and also scattered around the village on benches, in the park and sitting walls.
Pattingham Scarecrows 4Pattingham Scarecrow Festival s
We wore our festival badges with pride and tried to do the quiz …..
Pattingham Scarecrow festival wPattingham Scarecrows 7
…… but in the end the excitement of what was around the next corner just became too much of a distraction!
Pattingham Scarecrows 9Pattingham Scarecrows 8
Our favourite part was in the church ….. because we didn’t expect it to be filled with scarecrows ……..
Pattingham Scarecrow festival yPattingham Scarecrow Festival u
….. and where both inevitably and naturally,
Pattingham Scarecrow festival o
Pattingham Scarecrow Festival i
…… Nigel was hypnotically drawn to the bell ringing …..
Pattingham Scarecrow Festival pScarecrow Festival Pattingham
….. and perhaps it’s best to leave it just there …… with no mention of Nigel hanging somewhat precariously,  without a safety net up in the belfry and the fire brigade being called out ……..!!!! Only kidding, he just had a little tug and left with a huge smile on his face ….. another tick on his bucket list and now, he said,  he could call himself an campanologist …. if only he could pronounce it!Pattingham Scrarecrow Festival 2 It was hard to drag the little fella away …… now saying that he wanted to live in Pattingham so that we could make a scarecrow of our own …..
Pattingham House for SaleHe even found, he said,  a suitable house for us to move into as it was  for sale ….. however I said that a move was a little bit drastic if he just wanted to make a scarecrow and that I was sure we could sort something out at Castle Greysquirrel to facilitate his need to make one of his own!!  Happy Days … and Home Sweet Home!!!


Mr.D said...

What a wonderful event. Very different to Las Vegas.
The good folk of Pattingham have great imaginations. I think Nigel will need to work a lot of overtime to buy that house.

Anonymous said...

A really lovely village! What an absolutely great idea...That scarecrow festival looks like so much fun! love seeing those very creative scarecrows......I know you all can create the very best one of all...maybe a whole family of them! .........Dianne

Pamela said...

They had a scarecrow event at RHS Wisley when I was there earlier this year. But your's are by far nicer!

marc said...

you boys would make a great scarecrow it would look good in your garden my be put it at the back by the shed big love marc