Monday, 7 October 2013

I’m Going To Iceland …..

There was much robust excitement in the Geography Department yesterday, but as it was my half day I missed out on it all, but fortuitously Darrell and Nigel were there to be part of it and represent me
Picture7The aforementioned Geography Department are off to Iceland, (the country not the frozen food shop) to partake in geological studies such as looking at volcanoes and geysers and stuff, and  as it would be Chorley,  the Geography Departments Monkey’s first time on a major field trip, it was felt that one of us “old hands” might like to go along to “hold his hand” so as to speak.
Picture8However, which one of us would it be, as naturally we all would have liked to go? There was only one fair way to find it out
Picture9Darrell and Nigel were given a pen and piece of paper and had to write their names on the said paper, if they wanted to be seen as serious contenders,
…… and then place it carefully in the “Plastic Box of Icelandic Fate” ….
….. and as I wasn’t there,  Darrell wrote and put my name in by proxy
Picture11Then the Geography Department got a conscientious objector to draw a name. Darrell and Nigel both said that their hearts were pounding …..  a Geography Field trip to Iceland (the country not the frozen food shop) was a chance of a lifetime. Everyone was on tenderhooks ….
Picture12And finally,  with a dramatic drum roll on the desks a name was drawn out ……. it was mine!!!
Picture13Oh Mon Dieu, there were tears ….. Darrell and Nigel were totally and robustly overjoyed for me …… and couldn’t wait to get home to tell me the joyous news.
Picture14Needless to say there were more tears of joy and congratulations …..
Picture15I’m going to Iceland, (the country not the frozen food shop), I am totally, totally overwhelmed! But it’s a long way off so I need to curb my excitement for a few months or so for fear internal and spontaneous combustion ….. not unlike, dare I say  …. an Icelandic mahoooosive volcano!!!!


Anonymous said...

The adventures continue...........can't wait! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Great news - congratulations.
It could be a chilly as the freezers in Iceland. (The frozen food shop and not the country.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Monkey! Your lucky day....This is a tremendous opportunity thanks to the Plastic Box of Icelandic Fate! one never knows where Fate will take us......Chorley is fortunate to have an experienced world traveler to be his companion guide and teach him the ins and outs of international travel....can't wait to hear all about this Iceland adventure! keep surprising us with no end to the goings on with you all!.....Dianne