Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Farewell Last Vegas ….. We Knew You Well …..

Darrell and I were a trifle fatigued after partaking in a last night of double cocktails and bar snacks and so had decided to get as much sleep as we could on the journey home, Nigel on the other hand was bright as a daisy and eager to embrace every last moment of our holiday of a lifetime holiday.
Journey Home Farewell Las VegasThere were a few very moist tears as we said goodbye to the Last Vegas sign at the airport for the very last time ……. 
Journey Home …… but as he stood by the window watching our plane prepare Nigel started to ponder as to what our in-flight meals might consist of ….. as he mused, that he had not tasted English food for what seemed to be an age …. what is he like?
Journey Home 2Once on board he carefully studied our route, we had to travel soooooo far, and England wasn’t even on the map yet, let alone Wolverhampton, only romantic names like Cedar Rapids and Los Angeles ….. which we can now all say, very loudly whenever we hear it mentioned “We’ve been there”!
Journey Home airplane lounging 1Nigel took time to do a little on-plane lounging….. but since we had all been up since five o’clock his mind was very much on his in-flight breakfast and he found he couldn’t really put his heart into it…..
Journey Home Inflight meal…… and studied the in-flight bumf to see if he could get a clue as to what to expect food wise, all he knew was celebrity chef James Martin had cooked it!
Journey Home BreakfastAt last, breakfast was served, I couldn’t rouse Darrell and from behind my eye mask I told Nigel he was welcome to ours too, if he was still hungry. A little disappointed that it wasn’t bacon, egg and sausage, he still managed to tuck into a muffin, yoghurt and orange juice times three …
Journey Home..Journey Home..
….. followed by coffee
Journey Home Coffee and chocolate….. and a slither of chocolate which he said helped ease his air sickness a little!
Journey Home Inflight Snack At around, what Nigel said his body clock was telling him was mid morning, he had another coffee and a Twix to tide him over until lunch time ….. by which time Darrell was snoring very loudly and I had to request an in-flight blanket for him …. placing it delicately over his head, hoping that our fellow passengers would not hear him!
Journey Home QuestionaireAnd Nigel busied himself by filling in the in-flight questionnaire on our behalf, adding a few notes of his own …. suggesting that they put bacon, eggs and sausage on the breakfast menu for passengers like his good self who had missed “proper English” bacon during their holiday of a lifetime holiday!!
Journey Home Inflight Meal 1And then as we were flying over Canada luncheon was served much to Nigel’s great excitement ….. Darrell’s fatigue was contagious and I found it increasing hard to keep my eyes open so I told Nigel that he was most welcome to our meals too …..
Journey Home I F meal ChickenA very helpful stewardess helped “Sir” with his in-flight bib, before he tucked into his James Martin stew times three,   which Nigel compared to school stew …. which made him hunger for his beloved Cook and Kitchen, as it seemed ages since he had last seen them.
Journey Home Treacle Pudding
Next came treacle pudding times three with custard incorporated, to save the stewardess’s having to pass the custard jug over the heads of passengers, which would have been a serious in-flight health and safety issue, especially should there be turbulence.
Journey Home Cheese and CrackersThis was followed by cheese and crackers times three, after which Nigel had a little doze, only to be woken by the aforementioned stewardess who had helped him with his bib……
Journey Home IF meal 1…. to ask if he would like a spare cob and cheese she had leftover from first class. She said she thought he might appreciate it as he seemed to have enjoyed all his (AND our) in-flight chow SO much!!!  She said that the whole crew had remarked that they had never seen anyone enjoy airline cuisine quite so robustly and with such vigour as Nigel!
Las Vegas Bound 3…. and then slipped him the captains vanilla and ginger cheesecake!  What was she like?
Journey Home Airplane LoungingAfter that Nigel has no recollection, even our arrival back at our beloved Castle Greysquirrel ….. he had finally succumbed to sleep and an incredibly full tummy!


Mr.D said...

What an in-flight meal. He must have been stuffed.
What has cook been doing without Nigel for the last few weeks? I suspect all these blogs have been run retrospectively.
It has been an amazing trip and your adventures have been amazing. All goes things have to come to an end.

Di said...

Oh how we've loved being with you boys, every step of your incredible holiday! Thank you so much for sharing fabulous photos and such adventures.

And, you can always go back to Vegas someday if you really find a hankering :) Be sure to take us along too though!

Big hugs, Hank and Marvin


Anonymous said...

Nigel must have been on Las Vegas high energy as he was winging his way to Castle Greysquirrel and looking forward to telling Cook all about his adventures.......looks likenhe literally ate his way across the Atlantic.....but perhaps it was really food research......Nigel does make my day.....Dianne

Pamela said...

OH Boy that young man can certainly eat! He'll have returned home carrying excess baggage!