Monday, 14 October 2013

Darrell Has Got Designs Of A None Too De Rigueur Type Nature

After Darrell’s weekend break with Hugh London Lounging and cushion plumping, I knew there would be no doing with him …… his head was full of interior design, kitsch art work and cushion covers ….. but at least he had taken off those feathers!!!
However,  I swore that if I heard the words “de rigueur”  once more, I was very likely to robustly self combust in quite an unpleasant way, so to give me some respite, I told Darrell that if his mind was still awhirl after work he should perhaps take himself of to visit his favourite furniture of choice and aspiration, hoping that perhaps the prohibitive prices would inhibit his ambitions to totally redesign Chateau Greysquirrel a la London vogue ……
He took his artiste’s  pad with him to jot down anything that caught his designers eye that could be deemed remotely de rigeuer and which might meet with Hugh's discerning approval  when they next met up.
I don’t think Darrell understands the words subtle or understated as far as his designs for the aforementioned Castle Greysquirrel are concerned, and really believe that there is some truth in the old saying “What’s de rigueur in London, should stay in London”  …..  especially if it’s de rigueur in the Notting Hill part of London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perhaps Hugh is not entirely to blame ……  perhaps the excesses of Last Vegas haven’t helped Darrell’s pretentions either.
To me an overpriced and extremely heavy chess table spells danger as far as Nigel haring around the place is concerned, one knocked over prawn could lead to tragic consequences ….. not to mention dented laminate!
Besides Darrell can barely understand draughts … let alone chess!Anyway, as sure as eggs is eggs there is no way on God’s green earth that a pair of oversized (eaten) apple cores is coming into Castle Greysquirrell ……. positively de rigueur or not ……
….. I don’t care if Hugh says “They are soooo tres avant garde and of the moment ……. darling!”,  we are not having them!


Anonymous said...

I would go for that green and red brightly lit juke box in the background in the last photo Darrell - quick - before anyone sees you - get the man to deliver it to Gateaux Grey Stalk by noon tomorrow morning. Think of all those parties - forget London or Last Vegast - Wolverhampton will be the centre of the Universe thats for sure. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

That's put the kibosh on that then - for the moment at least.

Anonymous said...

With all this decor shopping Darrell may be facing a reality check when he looks at the price tags! Not sure where those apple cores would work at all! However, Darrell does look happy and in his a new career looming? Will he ever be happy again shredding documents?.....Dianne

marc said...

Darrell give the apple cores a miss they are so been and gone but we are liking the large shades in bright colours we can see those being used as out door lighting cant wait to see you again soon big air kiss love Hugh