Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Blue Peter Type Twist Of An Icelandic Gift Type Nature

As I have said, several many, many times I think, that for me my most favourite and memorable part of our Icelandic Saga was the beach near Vik in all its wanton and shameless, romantic type wildness ….. 
….. and as such I wanted my souviner of choice, to wit several packets of Black Beach Sand Salt, to share with family and friends as a novel condimental keepsake for all manner of comestible delicacies, with fish and chips springing to my mind,  to reflect that, in a way, I left part of my heart on that beach, …
So ,when I got home I nipped into Wilkos and purchased an abundance salt pots …….
….. into which Nigel helped me to pour in some of the salt ….
….. et voila …… unusual, yet thoughtful and useful gifts from Iceland, which hopefully beat a snow globe with a troll inside any time …….
……. and perhaps I feel a review coming on too!!!!


Mr.D said...

Looks rather strange but I'm sure it will be good.
Hopefully Nigel won't want to eat too much salt as a consequence.

Anonymous said...

Iceland's wonders just keep on giving......wonderful, useful keepsake gifts of an unforgettable adventure and the rare beauty that only Iceland has......the shakers are soooo just right and waaay better than a troll snow globe!!!.......Dianne

marc said...

what great gifts you got every one will love them sorry i havent been around but i have been in my sickbed and not up to posting but i have followed your adventures and am glad you are back safe and sound and full of adventure stories big love marc