Thursday, 15 May 2014

As Peters and Lee were Oft Heard To Warble ……. Welcome Home, Welcome, Come On In, And Close The Door You've Been Gone, Too Long, Welcome, You're Home Once More ………

I have to admit that when Nigel and I finally arrived home from our Icelandic Saga all we wanted was our bed, but Darrell insisted that before we did anything he had to see Nigel’s feet and much mentioned blisters …..
……. as he said, he’d worried about them constantly from the moment he’d heard about them, in fact, he had almost been a martyr to them himself!

….. so, Nigel’s shoes and socks were off before you could say Eyjafjallajökull, Darrell winced everso slightly, but tried hard to rein in his true feelings for fear of distressing Nigel. Then followed in a most tender scene with Darrell divesting Nigel of his shoes and socks and putting them to soak a while ….. (his feet, not his shoes and socks!).
……. and then gently drying them, toe by toe …..

……. followed by the application of a little Savlon and a plaster to each foot …….
I don’t think Nigel has even been so pampered in such a medical type way in all his life.
“You’ll never know how much I missed the both of you! The Eurovision Contest was almost unbearable without you” Darrell sighed with great emotion “And even though you were up the world a bit on the map, and almost on the Arctic Equator, I still felt your pain Nigel!” What is Darrell like ……. apart from being seriously Geologically confused?
“It’s good to be home too” said Nigel “….. but, would you mind holding on to that emotion for a while longer, The Arctic Equator is a long way to travel from….. and I really need my bed now!” Bless him!


Mr.D said...

"Eyjafjallajökull." That's easy for you to say.

Anonymous said...

Mr. D, you are so right!...just rolls off the tongue for those Icelandic inclined!'s own bed and extra special TLC are the perfect homecoming......I'm certain tomorrow will have Nigel going nonstop to one and all about this adventure of a lifetime to incredible Iceland!......Dianne