Monday, 26 May 2014

A Five A Day Faux Pas …..

Oh mon dieu, we seem to have found ourselves with an overwhelming surfeit of fruit this week ….. and we are girding our lions loins for a very robust 7 to 10 a day regime!
I am afraid it was a case of very blurred lines and misunderstanding as to who who was responsible for what shopping this week …….
….. mainly due to Nigel spilling his lemon barley all over our carefully prepared shopping rota …..
…… ……  resulting in much guess work and inky deciphering where Darrell assumed it was his week for the purchase of fruit and that I would be taking charge of  the root veg, legumes and salad ……. except that I thought it was the other way around, and I was in charge of the fruit, and because of our hectic schedule we failed to consult each other on the confirmation of roles!!!
So this week …..  we shall be mostly eating a lot of fruit and replacing our normally de rigueur fresh vegetables for the frozen vegetables we have in the freezer and then I shall be preparing a new rota and laminating it in the office!!! What are we like?


Anonymous said...

Looks like some delicious fruit salads and fruit bowls in your near future!....the vitamins are going to be over the top.....a very pleasant mix-up........much better than numerous washing detergents or tub cleaners.......Dianne

Mr.D said...

My comment didn't appear.
So much fruit will have them regular as clockwork.