Friday, 23 May 2014

Reunited …… And It Feels Sooooooo Good!

Although we were still worried about Nigel, and how his shop “lock in” experience might impact on him in the long term, Darrell and I did manage to get a slightly better nights sleep than the night before  …. however I was still aware of some tossing and turning  and a few heartfelt sniffs coming from Darrell’s room, but I decided it best to just leave him be ……
Needless to say, Darrell was up very early the next morning and managed to get a little toast and Marmite, our savoury spread of choice, down him, before sitting and watching the clock until it was time to catch the bus to town for the appointed 2.30pm, when he was to collect Nigel from Colin, the gentleman who had taken a such shine to Nigel and offered him hospitality for two nights
Darrell said he felt robustly sick and nervous ……. ……… even though he knew Nigel would be there ….. and spotted Colin straight away on his till by his very kind and jolly demeanour …..
“Here’s the little fella,” he beamed “…… and he’s got something to show you!”
Nigel with new pal“I took a picture of him with my monkey on the biscuit tin, I had to take it away from them in the end …..  honestly, they could eat biscuits for England those two!”
There were tears …… in fact the whole of the check out area filled up, as everyone embraced Nigel’s story.
Nigel thanked Colin for giving him food, shelter and wonderful hospitality under very exceptional and unusual circumstances, and for the backstage tour of the shop, especially the confectionary storeroom ……
…….. and promised to keep in touch with him and his Monkey. There followed more tears and a round of applause from all the shoppers!
Once outside Darrell gave Nigel the biggest, most humongous hug he had ever given, taking poor Nigel’s breathe away, “Don’t you ever, ever do anything like this ever again, do you understand? We thought we had lost you forever, and then where would we have been? I am not letting go of you ‘till we are back home, in fact I may never let go of you again!”
And no matter how much Nigel wriggled, Darrell was true to his word……
…. only everso slightly loosening up when they looked at Nigel’s photo on the bus
Oh Nigel ….. if only you knew what you had put us through!!!!


Mr.D said...

Is it half term? Is that why the both of you aren't at work?
Back safe and sound at Castle Grey Squirrel.

Pamela said...

I'm so pleased the little man is back home safe. I've been beside myself with worry - not quite to Darrell's level! Perhaps Nigel needs a 'wartime' label with contact details. Now he's back I can get on with my life LOL!

Anonymous said...

Home Sweet Home - there's no place really like it. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful reunion! Lots of happy smiles and a few tears.......Nigel's new Monkey friend and Colin made this the best kind of getting lost experience....Happy days are here again!......Dianne