Friday, 2 May 2014

Icebergs Ahead!

Yesterday morning, Stuart, our fount of all knowledge of a volcanic type nature,  promised much for our Icelandic Saga over breakfast …… he promised soooooo much I thought Nigel might burst a blood vessel!
The afore and much mentioned Stuart promised us icebergs!!!!

We were headed for the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, where there wasn’t just any old icebergs, these icebergs had been in “used” two James Bond and a Batman film!!!!
Poor Nigel didn’t know what to hum first, the theme from James Bond or the theme from Batman.  It was all just tooooooooo WONDERFUL for words!
And yes …………Nigel did manage to tick off yet another “experience” from his Icelandic Ice Bucket list, Stuart said that as Nigel was quite small it would be safe for him to be lifted across and sat on one for a minute or two. Nigel just went very, very quiet. He had never seen anything like it.  Some icebergs were blue and others were white …….  and the water, .…… Nigel said he had never, ever seen such a beautiful colour blue!  It was almost just toooooo romantic for the little fella to take in! Never, in his wildest dreams did Nigel  imagine he would one day see an iceberg in real life, left alone sit on one …….Or taste one! But he found a small piece of ice floating in the water and decided to fish it out and give it a good old suck because he would never have the chance again.  He said that it was the purest thing he had ever tasted,  “My body feels like a temple!” he sighed.
I am not sure how much more awe and wonder Nigel can take …… going back to his sauce rotation duties in the kitchen, at school, was never going feel quite the same again.


Anonymous said...

Nigel is doing a great job for the Icelandic tourist trade. Anyone reading this will be booking for a trip pronto! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Nigel's fantastic Iceland experiences are off the Richter scale or any scale there is! ....Imagine, seeing an iceberg that has celebrity status....and having his body become a temple thanks to the Iceland ice.......dear Nigel has gone where most of us will never go......will he be able to return to everyday life after this adventure in another world?........Dianne

Mr.D said...

Did Nigel go quiet, sitting on an iceberg because he had a numb bum?