Friday, 16 May 2014

A Time For Giving

After a good nights sleep and a hearty full English breakfast it was time to give Darrell our presents from Iceland…….

….. first was our “comedic” one, a typical souvenir, a shot glass with a puffin in for Darrell’s occasional constitutional evening Bailey’s.
It was a little sad that we hadn’t seen any puffins in real life, but also a huge relief that we hadn’t eaten any either ……..
……… so Darrell’s, rather common, if I may be so bold, said shot glass was a happy compromise.
And then came the “proper” presents …….

The holey stones that no one believed Nigel would find …… and that no one else in the whole wide world will have. Darrell, needless to say was profoundly overwhelmed, to think that these holey stones had been ejected from a rampant and virulent volcano, it was just toooooooooooo romantic!
Nigel had also collected some lava for himself and some rounded stones from the beach, each one a very special treasure.
After a little debate, (but not heated despite their fiery history), we all decided that we should put all the stones in a glass vase on the kitchen windowsill, to be a constant reminder of our wonderful, wonderful adventure.
And then I had one last prize to show Darrell, a small bottle containing some of the black, volcanic sand from the beach at Vik,  which was my Icelandic highlight ….

The bottle will stand with my other bottles of sand from the Nevada Dessert and Santa Monica beach collected last year when we were in Last Vegas.
We are soooooo blessed in a Hello Magazine type was …… I wonder where in the world or Angleterre our next adventure will take us  ………….


Mr.D said...

You can see puffins in Northumberland,on Farne Island if you get up that far.
What wonderful holey stones and a great place to store them.

Mrs A. said...

Norm wears his holey stone at all times . It must be the most waned stone as he refuses to even remove it from his body in the bath.! Hugs Mrs A. &Norm.

Anonymous said...

The stone display is a perfectly beautiful visual reminder of Iceland and it's wonders; those smooth round stones are gorgeous........the black sand is so amazing and can't help but take your memory back to that fantastic beach!....Iceland certainly had one striking scene after the next.....can't be any other place like it!!......Dianne