Friday, 9 May 2014

Last Minute Presents From Iceland

As I said the other day the opportunity to do a little touristy perusal on this trip has been a bit of a rare occurrence, but yesterday our guide Stuart relented after a little bullying gentle persuasion ……. and allowed us an unscheduled 15 minutes shopping break.

However,  OMG, I have to be honest and say that I robustly blanched at the prices ……

…… which made me seriously question as to whether those back home would really appreciate a pair of Icelandic underpants, no matter how authentic when purchased at exorbitant priceage!
Even Nigel was a little taken aback and sagely commented that ….. “Snow-globes may very wonderful and magical objects, but when you have stayed in a hotel that stands at the foot of one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland, their frippery paled into insignificance! He did however ask everso politely if he could possibly have a pin badge in the shape of Iceland that he had set his heart on, while I thanked goodness I had had the foresight to stock up on confectionary items earlier on in the week!!!
We however did avail ourselves of a several small items, a few packs of volcanic black sea salt, a small crocheted Christmas decoration, a pack of pens with puffins on for the ladies in the office and some lava jewellery and a shot glass for Lucy plus Nigel’s badge. But no matter how considered these few purchases  were, I nearly passed out at the till ……. they took up ALL of our spending money!!!  OMG!!!  The lady at the till asked if I would like to claim my VAT back and I replied that I most certainly did …… and readily accepted all the forms and paraphernalia to do so at the airport before we flew back home ……
…… I also asked for a large glass of water!!!  Icelandic souvenirs are every bit as tacky as those found in the rest of the world, only a hundred times more expensive, what they they need are a few poundshops!!!
Oh well ……. much mentioned considered purchases made, it was back to Johann’s vunderbus to recover!!!!


Mr.D said...

Why is Iceland written in English and not Icelandic?
I imagine beer is expensive too.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the Iceland prices are based on how far and how difficult it is to import souvenirs; unless Iceland doesn't import and
has thriving souvenir manufacturing businesses!......sounds like very wise choices but the Icelandic experience and memories are the best souvenirs......Love you, Dianne