Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Blue Lagoon

Nigel’s and my excitement as Johann drove us for the last time in his vunderbus to the final destination of our Icelandic Saga was both robust and palpable and tangible, the part of our trip that we had most looked forward to sooooooooooooooo had finally arrived….. all be it amidst another snow storm!!!!
And as Nigel walked …. neigh skipped, down the winding path leading to the Blue Lagoon all thought of his blisters disappeared!
He was through those turnstiles and showering his “never regions” as required, before you could say  “Put your trunks on for goodness sake Nigel!”
And then he disappeared ………
I was a little slower off the mark ….. as I wanted to savour every single moment. 
It was too wonderful for words.  The water was romantic, pale blue and milky and sooooooooo warm, and as you wandered round through the said pale blue, milky water there were some areas that were hotter than others.  When I eventually found Nigel we covered each other with sediment from barrels set around the sides in the hope of gaining a radiantly soft and enviable complexion, Darrell would have been in his element! Even through the steam and snow I can safely say that I have never seen a more wonderful smile on Nigel’s face, he was soooooooooooooo happy, it bought a tear to my eye. We were actually living one of our dreams and I wouldn’t have wanted to share that dream with anyone else, other than Nigel.
Getting out and leaving the warm thermal waters was an unbelievable sadness, it meant the end of our dream and as such,  took us at least  six attempts of “....... just another minute”,  before we eventually dragged ourselves out.
Once dressed, I let Nigel wander a little on his own and take it all in ….
Before patting him on the back and saying “Time to go home Zebedee”
Sadly, our spirits sank a little more when we reached the airport ……..
…….. Darrell had text us to say that he couldn’t wait to see us, as it seemed as if we had been gone  forever, but had we realised that while we had been away we had missed our televisual highlight of the year “The Eurovision Song Contest” on Saturday? However, despite our absence he had decided to celebrate as usual and embrace the occasion all the same, all be it alone, and had as in previous years tweeted his considered opinion along with Graham Norton!!!! OMG .....  how could we have forgotten????  It was a very quiet flight home!!!


Anonymous said...

That beautiful lagoon looks like a lovely blue misty dream......the thermal warmth must feel heavenly when surrounded by all that snowny landscape......a perfect end to this adventure of a lifetime in that magical place......I think we would all be begging for "just one more minute"!.......unforgettable......Dianne

Mr.D said...

A fantastic way to finish an amazing trip. Did you see Brooke Shields when you were there?

marc said...

you have had such a wounderful adventure boys its been fab i felt like i was there to big love marc