Sunday, 4 May 2014

It Doesn’t Happen Often …… But For Once I Am Stuck For Words…….

OK …. what witty and apposite comments could we have possibly added when finding ourselves in such unbelievable and spectacular surroundings?
Stuart has done good again and we have found ourselves at the amazing Skogafoss waterfall …….
It was absolutely mahoooooooosive, and the thunder and sheer power of the water as it plunged over the edge down to the bottom was breath-taking……..
….. which was followed by the relative calmness of the water as it continued to flow down the river …… it made us both feel very small and insignificant in the scheme of things ……
…… and Nigel wishing that he had put his shampoo in his back pack for Timotei moment!!  He said he thought it would have been soooooo romantic to shower under it  and the purity of the water would have probably given his hair a most unbelievable shine and softness which he could have spent the rest of the day swishing it about like a shampoo model  ……. As it was he had to be satisfied by just running around at the bottom “catching” the residual spray, which he was convinced had magical, rejuvenating powers, because, he said, all of a sudden he forgot all about his blisters!
And me?  I just drank it all in, I just LOVE Iceland, but perhaps in a much more understated way than Nigel!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh boyz I just feel so refreshed just looking at the thunderous waters. What it must have been like in the flesh so to speak. Amazing! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I suspect it would be icy cold for a shower. At least it would wake Nigel up.

Anonymous said...

Stuart should be counted as one of the wonders of Iceland!......The beauty and sound of that waterfall will be remembered every time you are in the shower!........ that waterfall has an elegance and majesty in it's thunderous presence......another day of fab memories.....Dianne