Saturday, 17 May 2014

Confectionary From Iceland–The Gift Of Presents!

Darrell was most anxious to see all the liquorice based confectionary items that Nigel and I “thought” we had purchased while on a Stuart supermarket sweep in Iceland …..
….. and tempting though it would have been to conduct a confectionary review on everything we had bought, we would then be left with nothing to proffer as Icelandic souvenirs to our friends.
However, fortuitously as it happened, a couple of our aforementioned gifts appeared to have been damaged in transit and therefore we felt that we could justify their opening rather than give someone what could be perceived as a shop soiled present!
So we opened the “Buff” as neither Nigel and I had a clue what they actually were ….. and once unwrapped they proved to be very damaged indeed!!!
They looked like very large, chocolate covered mallows, but under all the chocolate was a very sticky, white, pliant substance …..
Buff a…… which to be honest had more chew than flavour …… so on our world famous Richter scale of Icelandic noms we felt that we could only award “Buffs” a disappointing 2, making us glad that we did not actually give them to anyone!
We then decided to open up a bag of  sweeties called Pristur, well it would have been rude not to, seeing as they were individually wrapped, and we could easily share the pack between our colleagues at work …..
Nigel went first and last … these were a very strange fruit …. what we thought would be plain chocolate covered liquorice, turned out to be something like a chocolate covered, salty, chewy liquorice Turkish Delight and very much an acquired taste, even for Nigel, so Darrell and I decided to refrain. However, we thought that they would make quite a conversation piece  when offered at work,  so the rest of the bag was duly put away for an office sampling of…….. we have embraced confectionary from many countries, but up to date these Icelandic comestibles are the most foreign!


Anonymous said...

With that same sense of adventure, you have persevered with Iceland's contributions to the confectionary world......a little different than the usual, but interesting non the less....looks like Iceland still had more surprises!!.......Love you, Dianne

Mr.D said...

Maybe, with hindsight, when buying sweets,it would have been better to seek advice from one of the locals.
Never mind.
"Strange fruit" reminded me of the powerful Billie Holiday song.

Anonymous said...

Nigel does now look a happy 'bunny' at all - just look at that face! JantheFan x