Sunday, 11 May 2014

Well, That’s Eurovision For Another Year …..And Dreams Of Next Year!

Well, that’s Eurovision done for another year ……….

… when it started, it was still light, but by the time it ended, and a winner declared,  it was almost morning ….. well that’s how the voting felt!

It didn’t seem right without Monkey and Nigel…….but I tweeted throughout the proceeding………

……… to keep my mind from thinking about and missing them.

When they had the voting from the Icelandic jury from Reykjavik I looked to see if I could see them jumping up and down in the background, but I think by that time they would have been in bed  …..

Anyway, my own personal twelve points went to the Netherlands, who came second and my ten points went to Denmark, who came nowhere!

As the aforementioned voting seemed take forever ……..

…. it seemed an opportune moment to break open the Haagen-Dazs, Macadamia Nut Brittle, nom, nom, nom,  and ponder upon adding going to the Eurovision Contest in real life one day my Bucket List, how exciting would that be? 

In the end Austria won, Hugh my best friend and mentor, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill had told me to look out for the singer, Conchita  ……. and in a way it was perhaps a little fortuitous that Nigel was in Iceland, otherwise I would have had to have a “complicated” discussion with him about a lady with a beard winning our televisual highlight of the year!!! 

So next year’s competition is to be in Austria ….. I wonder when the tickets will go on sale?????????


Mr.D said...

No Eurovision here in the Americas. Was it delightfully camp, kitsch and tacky? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

You did a super job "holding down the fort" at Castle Greysquirrel! .....Conchita might have been a bit of major confusion for Nigel and a major distraction might have been necessary to keep all from becoming toooo complicated.......great treat choice to soothe the jangled nerves.......take heart, always next year!.....Dianne

Helena said...

Bob wasn't sure if it were a man in a dress or a lady with a stick-on beard. Even after we explained it, he is still confused :)