Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Flashing Phenomena In Our Midst

Yesterday, when I went to fetch a spare loo roll, I was rather taken aback to discover that we appear to have something of a strange and and as of yet unexplained phenomena in our bathroom ……
I don’t think it is anything to be overly worried or concerned about, but we appear to have a flashing duck situation!
The ducks were presents to Darrell from Hugh, his best friend and mentor who leads the showbiz life in Notting Hill. At one stage each time Darrell returned from London after staying with Hugh he would find a duck secreted amongst his chattels, in his suitcase ….. but, until the aforementioned yesterday morning none of us were aware that any of the ducks flashed!
flashing ducks[4]
Even more perplexing is that we cannot find a button or a switch that might cease the flashing ……
flashing ducks..[4]
So really,  we can’t do nothing except allow nature to take its course and let the flashing to continue,  whilst naturally enjoying a few debates, though none particularly heated, and sharing conspiracy theories as to what bought on this unprecedented incidence of random duck flashing!


Mr.D said...

"A Flashing Phenomena In Our Midst."
The headline had me worried and thinking that Nigel was up to no good.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hugh had an extra surprise planned for you........flashing ducks in the bath are sure to bring a smile.....a fun mystery here and there can make the day....Hooray for Hugh and this bonus duck fun!.......Dianne

Anonymous said...

I would like to see flashing duck - think I might have to go down to the local pond and secrete myself in the bushes! JantheFan x