Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Garden Plans Afoot

There is much excitement and activity dans le bottom of our jardin ….. organised and co-ordinated by our self appointed project manager Darrell …….
It’s been a bit of a worry for a while as none of us profess to being anything other than fair weather gardeners  ….
Neglected Garden_thumb[5]……. but under Darrell’s supervision and a not a little input from Hugh, Darrell’s best friend and mentor,  who leads the showbiz life in Notting Hill, it’s beginning to take on a very new shape and feeling …..
…… which Darrell informs me will not only be condusive to providing us with a haven of peace and sanctuary at the end of a long day,  but can also be transformed into an area for bespoke wild parties of a London type nature on high days and holidays …….
I am not sure what I think about the aforementioned “bespoke, wild parties of a London type nature”…… however I am going to place my trust Darrell …….
…… and his bent for industrial chic and keep you informed of his progress!!


Mr.D said...

Looking good. Have you seen Little Weed and the Flowerpot Men down there?
Please explain the need for a no smoking sign down the bottom of the garden?

Anonymous said...

With Darrell as supervisor/planner, and then add Hugh's Notting Hill/show biz sensibilities, this is going to be a garden unlike any other in the neighborhood!.....Hummmm, bespoke London style parties; are you sure Wolverhampton is ready for this?....but the byword must be "trust Darrell's talent" to make Castle Greysquirrel's garden Utopia!

marc said...

its going to look fab and after our trip to chelsea flower show its going to be even more darling big show biz gardeners world wave Hugh