Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A Bit More Of New Years Eve

Well, we arrived safely home at around midday amidst glorious sunshine and blue skies, it was all quite romantic in a last afternoon of the year type way.

Everything Chez Castle Greysquirrel was just as we had left it, inside and out  …….. except for a several very large boxes in the porch …… we may have been away, but Darrell have used his time, when he wasn’t gazing lovingly at Baby Iris to most excellent purpose …….

……. taking full advantage of not only Black Friday, but Pink Saturday, Purple Sunday, Panic Monday, Not So Panicky Tuesday, Burnt Sienna Wednesday and Off White Thursday …… to purchase some considered electrical items, to wit a new TV and various accompaniments …… which to be honest have been long overdue in the obtaining of! Now, we will be able to watch our televisual highlight of the year, The Eurovision Song Contest in near 3D quality ……. as well as our many other programmes of choice ….. it will be almost as if we are actually on the bus when we watch Coach Trip and as for Come Dine With Me ….. I think we might be able to even smell the food.

However, with all this technology comes a lot of remote controls, and I am the first to admit that I am a stranger to gizmotology, so Darrell has promised (in writing) that he will label each one as to its purpose!

Tonight, we are going for a New Years Eve meal as family tradition dictates, and Nigel is already planning his ten poppadum pile!!! But, before we go we are planning to leave a mahooooosive blue glowstick in our garden lantern ……..

…… a change from our usual candle, but it’s a significant  memory of Andy that he would very much appreciate and be smiling very broadly about! 

We might post late again tomorrow ….. New Years Day ….. it all depends on what time we get to bed and then out of it!!!!!!


Paddington fan said...

Have a fabulous time tonight boys and nibble / scoff a poppadum for me!! Good luck with all the new remote controls too. By the way, I don't think I have ever seen such a BIG glowstick before... it's very impressive!!
Happy New Year,
Love George xxx

Mr.D said...

Andy will be looking down and smiling.

P.S. Paddington fan - Mrs. D and I went to see the movie a few days ago - in Spanish. We enjoyed it and the Mexican children in the audience laughed loads. Paddington isn't famous in Mexico. Mrs. D hadn't really heard of him.
In Spanish, Paddington is not from Darkest Peru, but Furthest Peru (Peru Lejano.) Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boyz - all this latest techo stuff and a humongous screen too. All the better for the visual highlights of the year - starting of course with CBB - then BGT and not forgetting Gogglebox all year round and the rest of all the amazing stuff that being a couch potato brings. Until the dark nights are over at least! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

That gorgeous blue light for Andy is inspired...perfect in every way! wonderful with the new will be enjoying your viewing in style!.....both of my TV's have 4 remotes and it is like being a mad scientist keeping it all straight and on course .....I do remember the days when WE were the remote..... constantly getting up to change channels was a workout!.....Enjoy that big screen....Love, Dianne