Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Darrell, On A Mission Impossible

Only three days into Advent and already seasonal activities are in full swing at work …… namely preparations for the Year 7 Christmas Fayre, and I fear that Nigel needs to be protected from it all!!
And as such, Darrell has taken on this impossible mission, because, the second Nigel is inevitably cornered by a gang of wide eyed Year 7’s, brandishing a list of names, a book of raffle tickets and a money tin,  we know that he will become equally as wide eyed and not only “Name the Teddy”, but also eagerly purchase a strip of raffle tickets to win it!!
Now, the teddy in question is seriously mahoooooosive, and I mean seriously mahooooosive, the picture (above) just does not convey just how seriously mahoooooooosive it is …… and mark my words it will also seriously fill a corner of Castle Greysquirrel ……. so Darrell cannot afford to take his eye off Nigel for a single second ….. and protect him (and his pennies) from much mentioned wide eyed Years 7’s!!!! 


Mr.D said...

You could name him Osito, which is little bear in spanish.

Anonymous said...

Definitely going to require some monitoring to keep in hand all these temptations for glorious prizes .....with the festive holiday spirit in full force, who can resist all the holly jolly fun of a Christmas raffle or the opportunity to name a giant bear? ...... Dianne

Anonymous said...

Maybe baby Iris will enjoy the teddy should Nigel should be coerced into buying a book full of tickets and bag the prize! JantheFan x

marc said...

jan the fan you took the words of my page great minds they say lol and mr d what a lovely name he would have to put in brackets what it meant so those who can not converse in another lingo can know big love marc