Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Considered Festive Gift For The PE Lady’s Mum

Seeing Darrell and me in our PE Lady’s Mum’s Christmas jumpers made Nigel go all whimsical, as he passed through BHS on his way home yesterday, remembering the time he went for High Tea at “The Dolls House” and availed himself of several slices of the PE Lady’s Mum’s most acceptable cake …..
We had discussed presents for the PE Lady’s Mum, but nothing really concrete, so when Nigel spotted a Christmas bauble that looked Christmas bauble  in the aforementioned BHS it was a no brainer ….. a triumphant Ulrika moment for Nigel and a very considered purchase was duly made.
When he got home we all sat round and admired Nigel’s gift, bought on all our behalves  it was the most apt and pertinent present ever!
The bauble was duly wrapped ……..
…… and a Christmas card written to accompany it…..
…… explaining that this was a present that the PE Lady’s Mum could open now, to hang resplendent on her festive branches, to get it’s full benefit. 
xxxx A Very Early Happy Christmas PE Lady’s Mum …. xxxx
We are perhaps pondering whether we ought to change the PE Lady’s Mum’s name, as The PE Day Lady is not really a PE lady any more ……… but, it could get complicated …… hmmmmmmmm


Mr.D said...

PE lady's mum is a superstar.
Her name is great too and shouldn't be changed, in my humble opinion.

marc said...

she will love it so much and i am with mr d love the name big love marc

Julia Dunnit said...

Gat aulrika moment, love it when that happens. PE lady's Mum will be so chuffed. if you change her name, haven't you got to warn her so she can get used to signing something else?

Anonymous said...

No stick with the name - change it and I wont know who she is! Brilliant choice of gift I have to say! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

The most perfect gift for this special superb knitter Mum .....the PE Lady's Mum would be the same special Mum whatever her name! the tea at her "Doll's House" was one to remember always; so many lovely pictures of that day .....Dianne

PE Lady said...

I love being called the PE Lady and my Mom loves her name too!! She was DELIGHTED with the extra special bauble. xxx

marc said...

you rock PE lady and your MUM rocks even more as shes your mum big love marc and Hugh