Sunday, 28 December 2014

Darrell Takes On The Look Out ……

Darrell had been talking to his friend Jo, who works in the Reception at school before the end of term about real ale and a micro pub she oft frequents, and that got Darrell pondering …..
….. as Hugh, his best friend and mentor, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill had potentially promised to get his apprentice PA Pablo to clear a few days in his already burgeoning diary for another possible incognito state visit to Wolverhampton in the New Year …….
…… and as such Darrell wondered if Hail To The Ale might be a suitable location to take Hugh …..
…… especially as it is only ten minutes away from Castle Greysquirrel and the Banga bus stops right outside.
The only small fly in Darrell’s ointment plan was possibly Hugh’s taste for the fine champagne and vegetarian foie gras …… this was a flavoured scratchings, crusty cob, hand raised pies and specialist speciality cheese type establishment, however, since Hugh had embraced the local (vegetarian) faggots and peas with great gusto on his last visit, it really wasn’t worth giving it a second thought.
The true test was obviously to sample a smidgen of real ale, well, it would have looked rude not too  ……. accompanied by a very large, chilli infused pickled onion ………
It all slipped down very nicely indeed ……. oh yes, this would be a most excellent place to bring Hugh ….. most excellent indeed.


Mr.D said...

This looks like my sort of place.
I want a couple of pints of real ale and a hand raised pie. The cheese sounds great too.

Anonymous said...

Love the Hail to the Ale name....with Hugh's well traveled and varied social experiences, I know he will be his charming self and enjoy all Hail to the Ale has to offer .......sounds like good times ahead for two dear friends!...... Dianne

Anonymous said...

This festive season just gets betterer and betterer - ererer. JantheFan x