Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nigel Doesn’t Miss A Valuable Opportunity At The Year 7 Christmas Fayre!!!!!!!

Nigel made sure all his sauces and condiments were tidied away in double quick time yesterday as I had promised to meet him for the Year 7 Christmas Fayre in the Hall.
There was a very tangible and palpable air of excitement at all the stalls….. and Nigel arrived bang on time, at our arranged spot, with what looked suspiciously like the bundle of maps he had been working on on Saturday night, under his arm …… but I decided it best to say nothing.
Naturally, our first port of call were the abundance of cake stalls, with their ample sufficiency of said cake…….
…… where we purchased an equally ample and carefully selected  smorgasbord for our tea, when we got home.
And I decided to invest in a cake pop, something I had never tried before …..
…… which did not disappoint. I have to say it was a wise considered purchase as it was most nom-nomtastic and I consumed every single morsel with relish (and much nomming).
Nigel also tried his hand on the various games of chance, winning a lolly of his own, with a little help……….
…… bowling over a skittles with old, filled socks  and buying a ticket for the “Smellie Tombola”, but sadly, his ticket didn’t have an 0 or 5 on the end, so a smellie prize was not his!
Then, he disappeared for a good five/ten minutes to join the queue to see Santa, armed with his aforementioned bundle of maps. I might have guessed what he was up to ….. rather than send the maps up the chimney along with our letters, he had decided to hand them over to Santa in person….. explaining, in great detail, of course, our plans for this year, and thus holding up the queue in the process!!!!!
However, he left Santa’s Grotto looking very happy with himself and not a little relieved ……. and then, for good measure, purchased (at, he said Santa’s recommendation) some Magic Reindeer Food to, if Darrell and I don’t stop him, leave a trail of a Hansel and Gretel type nature all along the route from Wolverhampton to Evesham from back seat window of Lucy’s car, as an extra precaution!Sometimes I despair ……. WHAT IS HE LIKE??????


Anonymous said...

Nigel should be able to relax now that Santa has direct info as to the new holiday plans.....Nigel has left no stone unturned giving Santa the co-ordinates to guide Rudolph and the sleigh..... LOVE Christmas Fayres and this one looks stuffed with all sorts of goodies!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

It's best to cover all the Santa route bases and that Magic Reindeer Food seems a good option to me. Hope Nigel also gave Santa a Celestial Map too - you never know he might navigate Rudolph via the stars! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

"Invest in a cake pop?"
I have never heard if a cake pop?
I have heard of squeaky pop.
You too Mrs. G?