Wednesday, 10 December 2014

School Christmas Dinner Day

Nigel was sooooo proud yesterday, it was the day that Darrell and I opted to partake in The Cook Lady’s festive fayre…….
…… and as the aforementioned Cook Lady said that she didn’t think that there would be an unprecedented demand for Nigel’s assorted condiments and sauces, she could spare him just this once and he could join us for dinner.
It has to be said that we were waiting in the dining room, our festive, reindeer emblazoned meal ticket at the ready ……
………  way, way, way before the hatch was opened …………
………. but for us it just added to the building tangible and palpable excitement.
As usual, The Cook Lady had pulled out all the stops by way of decoration of a Christmassy type nature……
…….. aided and abetted by Nigel, after he told Cook Lady that his best friend and mentor Hugh, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill, had once been a set designer for the London Palladium and had taught him the odd decorative or two !!!!!  What is he like???? (Nigel, not Hugh!).
At one o’clock, sharp and on the bell, the kitchen pass was opened …..
……. and Darrell was there ready to hand over with our ticket.
Naturally, all three of us opted for the full and complete seasonal works …….
……. offering to take anyone’s sprouts who didn’t want them.
It was a culinary triumph, there was much convivial conversation at our table, however to be honest we were all a little too occupied nomming, but we think nodded in all the right places, ploughing through all our extra sprout portions!
Nigel quickly found that people were not quite so forthcoming with unwanted Yorkshire puddings, so sadly he had to make do with just his own!
……. washed down with a rather cheeky little orange juice.
The Cook Lady’s Christmas pudding was another triumph, served with school custard,but minus silver sixpences due to health and safety reasons and cuts to the kitchen budget!
Again,  seriously licked plates were sent back to the kitchen …….
However, The Cook Lady beat us fair and square with the mince pies, there was no way even Nigel could squeeze one in, without our luncheon turning into an unfortunate and unseemly Bush Tucker Trial …….
But, not being ones to waste a morsel, Darrell has stolen ours away in his desk for a mid morning snack tomorrow, genius!
Happy School Dinner Day!!!!


Mr.D said...

My mouth is watering.
Open the hatch and then down the hatch?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a feast ........ everything looks so delicious in the best Christmas tradition ......lovely decorations for this wonderful dinner .......and mince pie for a follow up celebration! ....Dianne

lynne said...

Your lunch looked delicious boys. I hope you all gave the dinner ladies a huge hug because they deserve it for serving up such a feast. Archie still has a week to wait until his School Christmas lunch and patience is not his strong point!

Anonymous said...

Oh Boyz - how delightful - you do make me smile - and make me hungry too! Well done to cook for producing such a wonderful nom nom nomming festive lunch. How lucky are we all - we have so much - some have so little. JantheFan x