Friday, 26 December 2014

He’s Been, He’s Been, He’s Been!!!

Christmas morning was very, very wonderful, not only were we with Baby Iris, Tom The Scientist, The Lovely Laura, The Ever Patient Ken and The Equally Lovely Denise in Evesham ….. but Santa, despite Nigel’s million and one worries found us …….
Needless to say Nigel was the first one awake, and bounced up and down very robustly on both Darrell and I until we were also awake.
And yes ……. Nigel got his bubble gum machine, just as he had asked Santa for ……
…… who also left Darrell a particularly fine en trend and de rigueur t-shirt and ……….
……. a very posh, proper shirt for me ….. and we all felt very special, and blessed to have received such wonderfully perfect presents …….
But there was more ….. even though we are only allowed to ask for one thing, there was a card from our dear friends Jacky, Lewis and George (George was one of our special adopted monkeys who we helped find a new family for a few years back) and there was also a present ……..
  …….. which made us all laugh ………
…… and I found hard to put down once I started to peruse it.  Santa must have bought it from George’s on his way over ……… But there was also another three parcels from sunny and romantic Florida from our friends Christopher  and Dianne, which Santa must also have picked up on route.
It was decided that I should open mine first ……. there was a tangible and almost palpable excitement in the air as presents from Christopher and Dianne are always something very special ……
…… and oh my, mine certainly was, it was a designer t-shirt, teamed up with a very smart pair of grey chinos, I was felt most overwhelmed and noticed that Darrell was also VERY taken by the t-shirt.
Darrell opened his present next ….. again the atmosphere was almost electric ……
……… and inside he found a pair of chinos very similar to mine and a very comfy cardigan that I, I have to admit  was very envious of. Darrell sighed deeply and stroked it lovingly as Hugh his best friend and mentor who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill had already told him that comfy cardigans were going to be the big new trend coming out from The States.
And finally it was Nigel’s turn, quickly, before he spontaneously combust …..
……. and inside was another lovely outfit complete with a lumberjack check and quilt jacket and a new festive t-shirt ….. which he had got on and was posing in before you could even say “Thank you Christopher and Dianne”
But, there was still more …….
…… a proper, homemade, American, iced gingerbread man cookie each (nom, nom, nom, I feel a Cookie Review coming on) …… and lots of little chocolate novelties …….
…… which, as it was Christmas morning we allowed Nigel to eat just one in bed, but warned him not to get any on Tom and the Lovely Laura’s festive bed linen or else!
What a glorious, glorious morning, the best, most wonderful morning in the whole wide world, and we are not too rufty tufty to admit that it was also a little emotional! We hope your morning was as happy and joyful as ours and that your day just as lovely. 
Thank you Santa for finding us and for finding all the presents we asked for. Thank you Jacky, Lewis and George for your book, it’s going to be very useful  and Thank you to Christopher and Dianne for our lovely new outfits, we are going to look so smart over the next few days  …… we are very. very spoiled, but heaven forbid, not in a precocious objectionable type way, xxxxxxx


Mr.D said...

What a wonderful start to Christmas morning and lovely, thoughtful presents too.

Anonymous said...

A Christmas Day to remember as you start new traditions; so many happy memories .....I knew Santa wouldn't disappoint.....very glad the Christmas package got there! Merry Christmas to all!...Dianne

Paddington fan said...

So glad the little marmite book made you smile. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas with us all! Much love, George xx