Sunday, 14 December 2014

Nigel Planning Of A Map Type Nature

Following our very exciting festive news of yesterday, Nigel forwent the robust pleasure of sharing the X Factor Final with Darrell and myself last night …….
…… preferring to take himself into the front room in the quiet …….
…….. to prepare the maps he is planning to send to Santa to accompany our Christmas letters, re: our temporary change of location!
I have to admit that he is taking, and I quote, his “fail safe festive master route planning” extremely seriously, including contours, aerotriangulation, azimuth and a  cadastral survey, and as such looked very cute and studious with his set square and pedometer ……. and think,  that he might have been having perhaps a considerably more fun type evening than Darrell and I, excellent though the first night of the X Factor final was!


Mr.D said...

I think Santa has had plenty of experience of such things over the millennia.
Failing that, he probably had GPS and Rudolf's red nose can sniff out a route.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Nigel is practically in the stratosphere with all this route planning......Santa does have excellent experience in the wild blue yonder ... baby Iris and Nigel are most certainly securely on THE list including the newest directions to Tom and the Lovely Laura's worry at all....Dianne